Love by Blood

Chapter 1

Bethany Roseclaw

Dawn breaking over the horizon, bathing the land in golden light. It's rays peaked through the thick curtains that hid a young girl from view from the outside world. She growled softly and yanked her silk blanket up to cover her face. Her cat like ears, which rest on the top of her head, twitched. Just as she began to doze back into ever peaceful sleep, a soft knock came at the door. Her crystal blue eyes snapped open, her cat like pupils dilated angrily. She sat up quickly, throwing off the covers as she did. Her ears flattening against her head, a growl erupting from her throat.


Her voice rang loudly in the room, making things rattle. A small whimper came from the other side of the door. It slowly opened and a small girl stepped in, no older than ten. Her blonde hair pulled back in braids, a pair of blonde cat ears on her head were flattened back in fear, her green eyes trained on the girl in the bed. "I'm sorry, Miss Bethany, but it's time for you to prepare for lessons." she said, her voice lower than a whimper. Bethany heard her though.

Bethany sighed upon seeing the frightened child, a servant. She didn't like having them, she preferred to do things herself. Though, between all the training she did (being a warrior and all) and her lessons at the prestigious Lusan Academy, she didn't have times to do things herself. She wasn't cruel to her servants, even though their services were forced like most servants. She was kind to them, in her cruel way. She'd snap at them, tell them to leave her alone, but would thank them when she thought it fit.

Bethany got out of bed, her tail curling out from under her silken nightdress. "No need to fret, child. Fetch my breakfast." she ordered, waving the girl away. The girl scurried away, her blonde colored tail wagging behind her as she retreated. Bethany sighed, slamming the door. Which was hard to do, since it was made of stone. She strolled back to her vanity, sitting down and crossing her legs. She grabbed her brush and pulled it through her long auburn hair, careful not to hit her ears too hard. Once she was sure she got of the knots and tangles she grabbed her tail and pulled it into her lap and proceeded to brush it as well.

Bethany heard another timid knock at the door, she grunted before shouting out a sign to enter. The blonde girl scurried in with a tray, a large glass of milk, boiled fish, and various berries. Bethany stood, towering over the small girl, and took the tray. She sat it on her bed and knelt in front of the shaking girl, pulling the girl into a gentle embrace. "Thank you, Bloom." Bethany said as she released the small girl. The blonde, Bloom, smiled brightly. Bethany returned it, though it was clearly forced. Bethany rarely smiled. "Go play, and if anyone tells you to stop tell them to come talk to me." She told her, Bloom grinned and scurried off to do as she was told.

Bethany stood back and sat on the side of her bed, picking at her food. Not having the appetite today, that she usually had. Today she was meeting her betrothed. She had done her best to try to convince her ruler and tell him that she didn't want to wed. She was only sixteen! He was a demon prince, her betrothed. She knew what he looked like, but his name had not been released to her. Saying it be better that he give her his name when they meet for the first time.

When described by others, they say his hair is as fair as a newborn's. His eyes gleamed like the blood of his enemies. His skin pale and smooth, but marks with the scars of his many battles. But his heart, was gentle. He was described as a caring man, kind and gentle. Putting others before himself. He seemed too good to be real. And to be betrothed to Bethany Roseclaw of all women. She was rowdy, outspoken, and cruel. Though she only fought for good.

Bethany growled, knowing that if she tried to wear her armor to lessons today would be corrected by someone. She would have to wear a dress. Much to her anger. They stricken her movements. She sighed, having finished her food, and strode to her large closet. Pushing through the dresses she owned. She grabbed a purple one, with black trim.

Just then, the door burst open. Bethany leaped into the air, landing on her bed. Her fingertips becoming claws as she dug them into her bed, her tail straight up and frizzed out, her ears back, she hissed threateningly. Upon seeing the blue hair boy, a water sprite, she calmed down. A grin plastered on his face, his grey suit wrinkled. "What do you need, Meson?" Bethany spat angrily. "I was sent to assist you in dressing!" he cheered excitedly. For a fourteen year old, he was oddly optimistic.

"I don't need a boy to help me!" Bethany growled.

"But who will help you put on your corset?" Meson questioned, his orange eyes gleaming with mischief.

"I won't wear it." Bethany counter simply and proceeded to push the boy from the room.

"But," Meson said, disappearing from in front of Bethany and reappearing behind her. "It will make you look better!" he said and his eyes gleamed once again at the thought of her dressed up like a lady.

"Fine! Just keep your hands where I can see them." Bethany growled, knowing she wouldn't win this fight.

In the next few moments, Meson had been slapped three times in the process of pulling to corset tight enough to almost cut off Bethany's breathing.

Bethany began to pull the dress over her head, whirling around and back handing Meson as she felt his hand on her thigh one again. His left cheek stain red, and was beginning to bruise. "Keep your hand to yourself!" she yowled, her tail frizzing out once again. But instead of being threatening, it simply hiked her dress up. She glared at Meson as his eyes wander away from her's. Bethany quickly pulled her tail through the small hole in the back.

"That's all I need." she growled at the boy, who scurried away in fear that she may hurt him further.

Bethany huffed and sat on her bed, pulling on her leather boots and lacing them up. After that she grabbed her satchel, and her diamond sword. It took her years to earn it. She had to kill several goblins to get it. And it was well worth it. It never chipped, broke, bent, or anything. She put it in it's sheath and placed it on her back. She strolled down the hallway of her home, several of her help bowing and greeting her as she passed. Once outside she was given the view of her horse. He was being prepared by another of her help, once he caught sight of me he reared back on his hind legs and whinnied gleefully. Bethany smiled, waving off the help. She pulled herself up on the brown stallion with black marks in carefully constructed patterns. She grabbed the reins and whipped them, causing the stallion, Shadow, to whinny and speed off.

Bethany could see the school approaching her sight. As she got closer, she jumped off of Shadow's back and slowed him. She brought him to the stables, which were located towards the front of the school. As she left she caught sight of one person she despised. Megan Ravencrown. A smirk played on the pale girl's lips, her long raven hair flowed slightly in the wind. Her coal eyes trained on Bethany. Bethany glared at her. A glint brought her attention the the golden teardrop on the chain around Megan's neck.

"Greetings, Roseclaw, lovely day, isn't it?"

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