Things I don't like about Quibblo (and its users)-Rant

~I have never made a rant before but I really feel like saying certain things about Quibblo and mostly its users that I don't (really) like. Quibblo is an awesome site and has a lot of great things but I want to outline the bad ones, according to my opinion~ ♥

Chapter 3

Not open-minded users

by: Natasitsa
Rants like this are everywhere on Quibblo. But here is my opinion on the closed-mindedness of some users. I won't mention any names, because that's not appropriate but I am sure everyone knows who I am talking about.


First of all, some people here are over-religious. No, there is nothing bad with being over-religious! But the point is that these people always try to convert other people who do not have the same religion. That's unacceptable. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. WHATEVER THEY WANT. Listen? Nobody has the right to change people's beliefs because it is their opinion. The same way we want others to respect our religion, the same way we must respect their religion (Wow, I sounded like a teacher now xD).

Who hasn't noticed stories here saying: "__ is the only right religion. If you don't believe, you'll go to hell."? They are way too common. In fact, such posts are not only annoying but also rude. Telling someone that they will go to hell, is like telling them "You are an extremely bad person and you don't deserve to live.". That's exactly how it sounds like. Forcing someone to practice your religion is wrong and so is to tell them that their religion is not right. But......THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG!! When will some people understand the difference between opinion and fact? Here it is in very simple words:

Opinion: something you believe in
Fact: something that is true

♥ Enough said. ♥


The only thing some users have to adopt is acceptance. Accepting others the way they are, accept their beliefs, their opinion, their personality and everything that has to do with them. Not just in terms of religion, but generally in terms of beliefs. Take abortion for example. Some people are for, some are against. Both sides should respect the other's point of view. Tolerance-another word which is very important. Respect.

Sorry if I was rude. ♥

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