What Every Author Wants

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Chapter 1

Being a good commenter is way more then just writing stuff. The author actually cares about what you say. Saying just "I like the story" doesn't count.

Rules fora a good comment

1. Read the chapter/chapters fully
2. Reflect on what you read. Did you like it? What did you like about it?
3. Compliment them in some way even if you hate it.
4. Ask a question or a personal connection
5.PROOFREAD! Make sure you got everything right
6. Submit it :D

Some things a good comment contains....

- Relate to the story
- Consider the author and story
- Has at least one compliment
- Maybe asks a question
- Personal connection
- Constructive criticism that isn't hurtful
- In no way insult anyone

These AREN'T good comments...

"I like it!", "More please!", "You're so cool!", etc...

Every author cares about what you comment so take this into consideration when you wanna comment on a story.


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