Epic Rap Battle

Epic Rap Battle

Chapter 1

Gaara of the Desert vs Shadow the Hedgehog

And here I thought I was gonna fight a Bijuu
But nope, just some emo from a children’s cartoon
Look at you, what’cha gonna do, whine about the past?
How ‘bout I spark some memories with a story so sad--
You’re a manmade vermin who fell in love with a human
You tried to screw with the world but changed thanks to whiny girls
Look I’m freakin’ Kazekage, you’re moves are nothin’ to me
I could blow you to shrapnels without moving a muscle!

You sure talk tough for a crybaby “ninja”
But look who got rejected and cut himself with “love”
Hey need a hug? Cause we got freaking Omochao!
Just the thing that you need to help your ronery soul out
Throw your sand all you like but they’re as slow as molasses
I could Chaos Control you, Chaos Blast all you asses
Ultimate defense? I’m the Ultimate Life Form
I own freakin’ Death Star so let’s see your true colors!

Chaos this, Chaos that, Chaos my ass, it’s getting old
You’re no better than Sonic without your stupid emerald
You can boast your speed but look what happened to Lee
I beat him full health to zero even at his super mode!
I’m a genius, wicked prodigy, former Jinchuriki
I’m leading five nations in the war of reality
You’re nothing but a tool used by both good and evil
And if it weren’t for that fatass, you wouldn’t survive in that capsule

You were strong back in the day but even then you were mental
And now you’re like a wanabe Naruto fangirl
Sure, Eggman may have saved me but at least I never died!
Who was there for you when you were bombed and neutralized?
You may lead five nations but they’re way out of date
I got modern technology to fix that “love” on your face
Get out of your mommy’s sand and fight like a man!
And wipe off that mascara, what are you--Lady Gaga?



I DECIDE!!! (Well you can decide who won.)


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