What Is the World Coming To? (My Rant Book)


Chapter 1

Rant Numero Uno!

Why do people act a certain way when with a certain group? It drives me nuts! Why can't people just be who they are no matter what! With or without people around them to influence them. And I mean, I know people have always done this, but it's completely ridiculous.

Be who you are. Not who you think society wants you to be.

There's so many times, I talk to people and I love talking to them. I love talking to so many different people to see their views on things. But, when I see people in a group and they treat me differently, it's like a blast. Or when I see people acting differently around others than they do me, it blows my mind. Sure you may not trust someone so you don't want to open up to them and be fully yourself (Which is okay at times and I will admit, I do that. I'm not fully myself around others because I don't simply trust them so I may seem a bit different, but ultimately I'm the same person) but don't change yourself ever as a whole!

If you have to change yourself for what your friends want, then that's messed up and they aren't truly your friends. Don't. Change. Because. Of. Others. Change because you want to. Not because someone else wants you to.

Seriously.. I wish this never did happen, but it happens way too much. See.. let's go on a scenario.

It's a nice day in a park, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, children are laughing and running around. It's a perfect day. You see a friend of yours, so you go over to them and start up a conversation.

You: Hey There Susie Chapstick (Thank you 8th grade language arts teacher for the name)

Susie: Oh Hey there! _

You: It's nice day isn't it?

Susie: Oh very! Nice shoes by the way!

_Scene changes now, and the setting is still as it is, children, birds, and sun, but something is off. This time, you see your friend with a group of her let's say drama friends but you walk over to her anyways to say hi.

You: Hey there Susie!

Susie: Looks at you with disgust and states Hey....

You: Nice day isn't it?

Susie: glances around at her friends as they snicker Yeah. I guess.

You: smiles gently well bye

Susie: Watches you go, snickering to her friends about the shoes and you just happen to over hear it.

You see where I am going? I don't understand why people act the way that they do depending on who they are with. Sometimes they are nice, other times they are mean, sometimes they are sad, other times they are happy. Sure we all have our times where you may lose track of ourselves and fall into peer pressure and wishing to act as if we were someone else. But stay true to yourself. That's the best way to go. Don't be an actress/actor for who society wants you to be. Be original. Be your imperfect but perfect selves. Be real. Don't be a fake.

Message of this rant: Be you and don't change who you are for other people.

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