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Chapter 1

Prologue: Frozen and chapter one: The Beginning


Cold, so cold. Ice and snow is all I see. The sky and the ground are as one, an endless vision of white. I lie here, frozen, slowly dying, waiting for the end to come. As my vision slowly fades and the world begins to spin, I think about how I got here. I relive my story.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The day they found me was a warm, Monday evening in July. I had one week left of my summer holidays and was relaxing in my room. The radio was on downstairs playing an upbeat guitar piece and my window was open, letting the warm air in. I had conveniently "forgotten" to tell my parents that I had homework and was planning on putting it off till the night before school. I never got to do that homework.

I first began to notice that something odd was going on when the radio fell silent. Mum was doing the ironing and she always listened to the radio when she was doing it. She couldn't have finished already. Then there was a noise on the stairs, heavy footsteps. They were a mans' footsteps and that couldn't be good as my dad was out shopping and my two older brothers were at a party. I hurriedly got off my bed, grabbed my phone and locked myself in the bathroom, feeling blind panic building up inside me. I was halfway through dialing the three numbers that would put me through to the the police, when I was grabbed from behind.

I screamed and a gloved hand covered my mouth, muffling the noise. I bit the hand and kicked behind me. There was a groan and an excruciating pain in my head. Then nothing.

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