Chapter 1


Being referred to as some random little girl by my so called "friend"? Is that what you think I am? Some random little girl? I am older than him anyway, but I don't go around calling him some random little boy... It's time for you to get kicked off my friend's list mister LITTLE BOY! I can't believe I thought we were friends, and after all you said behind my back... "Esther is so annoying." "She's always talking about her stupid family." "She is just a goody-two-shoes." Well well well, I can't believe it! I thought he was my friend, but I guess you never do know what people are saying behind your back... Well lemme tell you guys something, I do usually find out when I've been bad-talked, and I know quite a few of you who are my "friends", and said mean things about me... But the thing this time is that I actually thought he was one of my very best friends, I talked to him almost everyday, and I thought he was a nice person! No one, and I mean NO ONE gets away with insulting MY family, you hear me? Stupid family? STUPID FAMILY? I HAVE A WONDERFUL FAMILY THAT'S PROBABLY A LOT MORE TALENTED AND NICE THAN YOURS!!! (Sorry, I'm just really angry right now.) Go ahead, talk bad about me all you want, but when you mess with my family, or my friends then you are dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid family? Snickers More like stupid you... (I'm talking about him, not you other friends, who are actually nice!!!!)


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