Moving On: What REALLY Happened After Portal 2

So many people have created stories about what supposedly happened after a certain power-mad moron got flung into the void of space. Well, nobody so far has actually consulted us before making these things up. Nobody. So Wheatley and I decided to make this first-person, 100%-accurate log of our lives after the events of Portal 2. And don't expect it to have an exciting plot. Real life isn't always very interesting.

Chapter 1

GLaDOS: So What Happens Now?

Well, I guess it's over now. Chell is finally out of my life, Wheatley is somewhere on the moon, and I'm all by myself, just hanging from the ceiling with nobody to keep me company.

Who would have thought I was capable of loneliness?

I certainly didn't.

But let me get one thing straight. I do not like either of them in any sense of the word. Period. End of story.

I just miss them........


So here I am. Dangling from the ceiling. Watching Blue and Orange finish test after test on the monitor.

Wait a minute. That metal thing right there.... looks oddly familiar.... a core, maybe? No. What is that? Oh, wait, yes, it is a core.... with a blue optic....

Oh, my God. It looks exactly like....

"Wheatley." I say the name out loud without even realizing it. I'm in total shock. I mean, I thought I got rid of him for good. Yet that little spherical thing was a spitting image of that moron. It couldn't have been a coincidence.

Am I..... actually feeling fear? No. What is that feeling? Am I nervous? Frickin' Caroline. Always making me feel human emotions.

I'm turning in circles now. Is this-- oh, yes. I think humans call it 'panic.' Well, whatever it is, I've got it. Bad. How on earth could that idiot have come back?

Oh! I have an idea! Now where is that control panel... there it is... what was Wheatley's serial number? Oh, never mind. I'll just type it in here.

'Sleep mode.' Okay, there's the button. There we go, he's knocked out cold. Wait a minute, doesn't that confirm my suspicions?

I'm bringing him to my chamber on a metal rail. All right. Interrogation time. I press the button again and his sky-blue eye opens ever so slowly...


"So, you have come back." It was more of a statement than a question, really, but it seemed to do the trick. I can see him squirming uncomfortably.

He didn't seem too happy to see me, that's for sure. But then again, who has ever been happy to see me? I scare the living hell out of humans and AIs alike.

I guess I'll try a gentler tone. "Wheatley, it's okay. I won't hurt you if you just tell me how you got here. All right?" Still no answer.

"Wheatley." I'm more irritated now. "You need to answer me."

"...." A tiny squeak is all I hear from him. At least it's a noise. If I were an android, I'd be rolling my optic. This is going to take a while.


1 hour later...

Still nothing. What is wrong with this guy?

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