Outcast Anthem

Okay so I had wrote and posted this a while ago and I reread the old one and realized that it made absolutely no sense so I just about completely redone it. this is a poem made mostly out of BVB lyrics, and it is most definitely better than my first.

Chapter 1


This is the outcasts’ call to arms
We’re all born soldiers in season
And with knives and pens we made our plight
We’re soldiers with the perfect weapon
And we’ll set their world on fire tonight
Rising again in this war of hearts
We’re standing in this final fight
Cracking bones with blind aggression

As we link our hearts now
Even though they are broken
We guard each other’s lives now
To keep them from being stolen
Together we will all stand tall
As our Army, our Family, keeps growin’
Though their hate has grown stronger than one
It’s weaker than the love, our Family is showin’

And together we will stitch
The wounds of our fallen brothers
And they become our badges of honor
Now you hate to look no farther
As our savior comes to heal us
But we will die for the change we have brought
So gently rest your weary head
Goodnight. Goodbye. A soul surrender.


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