Something changes me, every morning...(An original poem, please read)

Just about who I really am....

Chapter 1

Why can't they see it?

Every morning, the second I see the sunshine, I find my "fairy" on my shoulder
She's says "We're so confident! We're so brave and outgoing!"
But I have no confidence, It was shattered long ago
I'm not brave, too afraid of what others think....
I can't eat that, they already think I'm fat
Why bother answer the question, if you're wrong, they'll think you're stupid
Everyday, my little goth Tinkerbell on my shoulder changes me..

Instead of "I think you're really cute" my "Conscious" just says simply........
"Good morning"
The fairy knows that he won't like me, so it "Helps" me,
He thinks you're hideous, look at those zits, let me hide them
You're a good singer, but he wouldn't care, what princess is size 10? Princes only want small girls that can sing
[Don't even bother with talking to him, he only see the giant, not the girl in love with him, why even bother?]

My "Fairy god monster" tells me to talk to everyone...
[Come on, quit being afraid! Just say something!]
But that gets me in trouble or embarrassed...
You're being a baby! Just talk to them!
And I get my feelings hurt and teased
and I end up getting hated by my less mature classmates

My little, goth, Tinkerbell speaks the unspoken words of others
She thinks your hair is a frizzy squirrel's nest!
He thinks you're like that puffy marshmallow monster from ghost busters
[They think you belong backstage, you're not ''fit" to be on stage!]
So, how can I be who I really am?
When my "Help" just gets in the way?

I want to be the star of the show...I want to be noticed
But with how I feel everyone sees me
is that really the attention I want?
Do I really want people, to see my horrific body, not my character?
My "wise conscious" knows that people won't see me,
Or the character I'm playing,
They'll only see the ugly, fat, giant on that stage

I want more than anything, just one boy to like me, for me
Not just using me for my brains,
[Or ability to swim at light speed,]
Or my kindness to get their way...
Someone to love me for me...

But my "Genius imagination" makes sure I know it won't happen
he doesn't want you, you're not good enough!
He only wants a pretty girl, which you're not!
Say goodbye to being a mother, or a wife!
That little voice is right, she speaks the truth

No one ever wants me, it only happened once,
[It turns out, he wanted my brains for the science fair,]
But I just want one boy, just one,
To love me, to want me, to like me!
But she knows it will never happen

I knew she found me, when I was teased all through elementary school,
She lives off of insecure girls,
Don't let "your conscious" get the best of you,
Because then you're the one who is controlled...

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