Spirit of the Circus (New original story PLEASE READ intro, it's for a publisher :O )

Ok so im writing this story because my dad's old publisher got in touch anyway long story short he wan't me to write something for him that he could possibly publish. HOW EXCITING. anyways please read and pleasepleaseplease leave a comment because it would really help to get some support/feedback/improvements thanks guys. Enjoy

Chapter 1

The leaflet

You don't know me. And i don't know you. So why are you reading this. I'll tell you why, intrigue and curiosity. It may or may not have killed the cat, but one thing's for sure, it killed me.
I say i started out normal. I looked and acted different to the other kids i guess, i wasn't especially popular or pretty or talented, come to think of it, i was a bit (if not more) plain. School was just a building full of noise, words and stupidity. I saw it as an annoying thorn in my side but it got me out of bed in the mornings. I would go home and read or write, i didn't have many friends to speak of and even if i did, going out with them would be torture. See i used to hate the outdoors, especially the sun and I've never really been one for human interaction. I did have one friend though, my best friend, Rebecca. She was more popular, prettier and more talented than me but we'd been friends since pre-school and i wasn't going to let a bit of jealousy tear us apart.

'Hey' she said when she caught me on the way to school, 'Look at this', she passed me a flyer.
'A circus?' i'd never been to a circus before but it looked great. The flyer showed two acrobats around the large, decorated words 'Cirque de l'esprit', i assumed it was french for Circus of something and asked Rebecca if she knew what it said. She shook her head and i examined every inch of the leaflet. The background was a subtle yellow and mystical shapes made a boarder. There were no pictures of clowns which i liked because it would have cheapened it, this looked like a top rated show, not a children's party. I read the time and dates at the bottom and my heart dropped, 'Um Becca, the last performance is today at like 11 o'clock, i'll never be aloud out'.
'And what's your point' Becca looked at me, trying to work out how long it would take me to come to the obvious conclusion. When she finally realized that wasn't going to happen she gave he a hint, 'You have a window right?'. Rebecca was a bit of a rebel, she had a mixture of brightly coloured dyes in her hair which our teacher's hated but everyone else thought was cool. She had her lip pierced and was always getting into trouble i had to bale her out of. She wasn't naughty as such, she just had a really loud mouth that most people would like to take a needle and thread or masking tape to. When i realized she meant for me to sneak out i had mixed feelings. I was far from a goody-two-shoes but i wasn't insanely rebellious either and i knew when to keep my head down, on the other hand though i'd never been to a circus and they would be gone tomorrow, this would be my only chance for a long time to go to one. I'd love to see the acrobats from the poster live and all the other acts. The thought of it made my insides flutter and i knew i'd regret it if i turned down the offer. So i accepted.

Time has the awful habit of slowing to a snails pace whenever you are waiting for something. I was waiting for 11 pm and it was only lunchtime. I knew this was going to be a very long day. History dragged on as it always does and i tried my very hardest (without much success) to keep my eyes open. Maths gave me a bigger headache than usual as i racked my brain to figured out what the letter x has to do with anything and then break came, 15 minutes of no lesson couldn't have been more blissful but before i really had time to enjoy it the bell rang and a sea of chattering teens poorly attempted to climb the stairs.
My mind escaped to the world of the Cirque. It seemed more mystical and exciting than the one i was trapped in. Time passed slowly around me and i soon found myself at 11 o'clock. I was wearing dark clothing and had backcombed my dark blonde hair. I looked more like i was going to a rock concert than to a circus but i didn't really care. I heard a faint voice drift through the darkness as i was about to creep out my window, 'Ally?' it said, 'what are you doing?' It was my brother Jenssen. He's 5 and not like most younger brother's i hear about, he's not annoying or selfish and never tells our Dad if i do something wrong. 'Go back to bed Jenssen, i'm just trying on clothes for a party this weekend' it was a decent enough lie and it worked flawlessly.'OK' the little boy said and headed back across the hall and i heard the springs of his bed as he crawled back beneath the covers. I gave it a while before i pulled up the window and let the cool breeze of the night fill my lungs. It wasn't especially late, but late enough to feel i shouldn't be out, the streets felt ominous, as if a higher power than myself lurched in the shadows. I hurried up to the end of my street where i met Rebecca.
'God sakes hurry up or we're going to be late' she pulled my arm with more force than i expected and after what felt like forever, we were at the edge of a wide, empty field, in the middle of literal nowhere surrounded by more than enough trees. My eyes immediately fixed on the huge tent, illuminated by different shades of light, lavishly decorated to appeal to all the senses. A long que had formed at the mouth of the tent, my heart dropped because i knew it would be such a long time before we'd be able to sit down and watch the show (if at all).

'Money' A bored looking, slightly impatient, man held out one of his hands, palm up, to Rebecca and demanded entry fee. The man wasn't especially tall, in fact he wasn't especially anything. His facial features lacked in imagination, like his designer had already made three interesting people and got bored on this one, and the only thing that stood out about his appearance was a small scar under his eye and exceptionally long, spindly fingers currently gripping themselves around Becca's five pound note.
You see i do this a lot, analyse people i mean. You can usually figure out what kind of a life they lead and i knew this would be the best place in the world for a brain like mine to grip it's teeth into. But i was disappointed with the first member of the Cirque crew.
After i'd given him my £5 and me and Becca walked through the open mouth of the tent i said to her, 'Funny, you'd think they'd put someone a lot more extravagant on the ticket booth, you know so you've all excited when you go in'
'Yeah but maybe they're lowering you're expectations so you're amazed when you see the acts' she smiled at me, 'How about here' she was referring to some seats she's seen near the middle and sat down. The seats were more benches really, set in semi-circles and getting higher as the rows went back, like in a theatre, with a large circle in the middle where the acts would perform. It looked amazing inside the tent, the detail on the sides of the benches was all hand-carved in the most beautiful patterns and the material of the tent was lined with gold and silver and paired with the dim, pink lights gave the place a very gypsy feel. The music was very soft and exotic, not the fast-paced cheesy music people usually associate with circuses, i could tell this wasn't like other circuses oh no, this was mysterious and exotic just like the leaflet had implied and i could feel my heart in my chest as the spotlights darted frantically before they found their target and a loud, booming voice spoke out, 'Welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, to the one, the only Cirque de l'esprit !'


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