wat do u think?

hey guys, i started writing this story and wondering if i should continue, tell me what you think in the comments :)

Chapter 1


My nails were caked with blood and dirt; my feet numb from running so long on the hard forest floor, but I couldnt stop. Not yet, I needed to get away while I still could. I heard a twig snap somewhere behind me, they were getting closer; at this rate it wouldn’t be very long before they had me. Branches from pine trees smacked my face and clawed at my legs; sharp stones dug into the soles of my bare feet. The harsh wind swirled around me, making my hair fly madly around my face, blocking my view. I tried to push myself harder, to try and outrun my captors; but I was beyond exhausted, and I was so weak from the lack of food and nourishment. My arms and legs were so thin; I was surprised I had gotten this far; I was completely out of energy, running purely on willpower. I didnt know how much longer I could keep it up.
There she is! the voice was a mans, which one I’m not sure.
I could hear the men’s feet pounding on the earth behind me, they were closer now. If I didn’t get away or at least find somewhere to hide they would catch me for sure.
I swerved deeper into the thick foliage of the forest, hoping for cover. I ran as hard as my body would allow, my feet pounding on the ground as I went.

Then I was falling.

I didn’t have any time to comprehend what was happening before I hit the water. I struggled; thrashing my legs and pumping my arms, but it was impossible tell which way was up and which was down; until I broke through the surface. I gulped in air, filling my lungs with much needed oxygen. I looked up; Id fallen from a cliff. I couldn’t see the men, but I didn’t have any time to feel relief before I was forced back under the water by a crashing wave. I couldn’t breathe, and I was too exhausted to swim. My vision started to go dark and panic swelled in my chest,
No, not after all I went through. I thought, my legs flailing in the water but my attempts were useless. I could feel myself slipping out of consciousness when I felt a strong pair of hand gripping my arms and pulling me out of the water.
I’ve got you, hold on!
That was the last thing I heard before I passed out.


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