Another World

Chapter 1


by: SashDash
I don't know where I am. The sky is an intense black but it still feels like midday and I can see perfectly well. Something feels incredibly off balance, I know I shouldn't be here. I'm lying beneath a small tree which I can't identify. It's flowers are a brilliant blue and the leaves appear to be glowing vermillion like a metal rod newly heated by a blacksmith. It's beautifully frightening, leaving me in eerie, silent wonder. A jolt is sent through my stomach as I realise my silence has been broken by footsteps. I listen carefully for a moment, examining the walking patterns. The thuds are orderly and together. Whatever they are there is more than one of them. I leap into a bush that looks as if it were made of the ocean and wait. Four men march past, they wear black with silver dots painted where their eyebrows should be and their lips are smeared with silver also. There is something strange about their faces but I can't figure out what. They continue marching until they turn a bend and are out of site. I realise I've been holding my breath and exhale loudly. "Are you okay down there?" I turn to the voice in shock. A boy stands there smirking. His hair is chocolate brown, contrasting with eyes as green and shining as emeralds. His skin is tanned and lightly dotted with freckles around the nose. Just like the marching men, he has the silver dots instead of eyebrows but the strangeness I felt with the men was not here on this boys face. "Um, yeah I'm fine." I stand up rigidly and give an awkward smile. "Just looking at this... plant." The boys smirk widened, leaving me feeling quite judged, "Well I guess this is a pretty sensible place to be if you're looking for plants." I nod and look around. I have to cover a gasp as I fully realise my surroundings. I'm in a large garden filled with plants I've never seen before. I can hear faint music and I realise it seems to be coming from a large golden orchid a few metres away. There are also strange creatures moving gracefully through the tree tops. "You haven't been here very long, have you?" The boy's ever growing smirk is really starting to annoy me but I reply truthfully, "No. Not very long at all, about five minutes actually." The smirk is wiped from his face and suddenly he looks sympathetic. "Oh, wow. Sorry for being so smart. I had no idea you were so... recent. I'll help you find a place to stay." "Stay?" I never planned on staying here, actually I never planned on coming here at all. "Yeah, no worries. Um... you don't mind me asking..." "What?" "How did you die?" I turn to the boy shocked, surely I misheard him, "I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?"


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