Poems and some songs

Poems and some songs

Some of these are by both me and my friend Becca. Some just one of us, it'll be specified in the chapter titles.

Chapter 1

The Story (both)

It started with the scissors in seventh grade
She couldn't put them down
She couldn’t put them away
She walked into a room
And felt shot down by the stares
Of strangers that always seemed to be around
The things they said were enough
To devour the heart and cripple the soul
She kept those scissors in her backpack
Her backpack is all that she knows
She was terrified of what’s inside
And what would happen if
She lived, or if she died
When she was done
All she did was cry
It slowly progressed from
Scissors to a razor
She loved to feel the pain
She loved to feel her arm a blazin'
By ninth grade she used a knife
To make those pretty little lines,
All alone, she turned to stone
Every time she painted those lines,
Upon her arms
She kept painting her picture
Until they came along
They took the knife
And helped her along
Helped her with her strife
And helped her to belong
For a short time, she was genuinely happy
And then they were gone
When they left, she decided she was done
So she picked up that knife
And also her gun
She looked in the mirror
And didn't like what she saw
She just wanted to run
She wanted to be gone
So from then on she ran
She kept running and running
And she never looked back
She left everything she knew behind
Except for one small thing
Her knife, without which she would be blind
The knife that illustrates her story
The blood the medium
Her wrist is her canvas
Now as this song fills the stadium
Her story is all you hear
Yeah it's all we hear
Set to the beat of a different drum
The beat of her old life
But now she marches to a different one
Cause she died for those she loved
She wrote the end in her blood
Yeah now all she is, is dead and gone
So now I sing you her story
To let you know that death has won
But it should have lost
I shouldn't be here
She should be alive
Now we must stand as one
To save others lives
Yeah we must stand together
Put down your knives
Raise your voices, and sing this song
And let this story remind you
That you are not the only one

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