Poems and some songs

Poems and some songs

Some of these are by both me and my friend Becca. Some just one of us, it'll be specified in the chapter titles.

Chapter 2

Hands on a Scale (me)

Watching the indicator move back and forth, back and forth
Waiting for it to land on that dreaded number
The weight just keeps climbin higher an higher
Raising through the decades,
You can hear it, tik tok tik tok

Wanting to purge it all away,
Take it away, take it all away
Get the weight out of my system,
But all I ever do is gain, gain, gain
The pounds are flying on in,
Just like our time here
The hand on the scale
Movin' like the hands on a clock

Always, they move forward,
Its time to turn them back,
I gotta turn them back
Take me to the waist I had,
Before the names, and before the pain
Fore I knew what it is like to hurt
But now I know, what the world is like
How society is, and what they do
Just mock, mock, mock

Its time to fix this problem,
I'm gunna loose it all
I gotta make that measured number
Fall. Fall. Fall.
Slowly comes the day,
When I won't live like this
With their hateful words,
Marked by the lines on my wrist
I will prove them wrong,
By the words of this song,
That no longer will
Their hate breech my mental block

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