Chapter 1


she is miles away

perhaps she is in bed
perhaps she is reading a book
perhaps she is standing in the rain watching the lights of the cars
fly past her

i want to be there with her
i wish to take her hand
and lead her away from the lights
to sit her in the warmth
and to kiss her until my lips tire

i wish to walk in public with her
and to shout to the world that she is perfect
and that she is beautiful
and that she is everything i ever could have wanted

let the insults come, as i know they must
let them fling abuse
let them tell me that it is wrong
but i know that it will never be wrong
as long as she believes it is right

and she has hurt many before
myself included
but it must be said that with each softly spoken word she utters
it is apparent that she would never do anyone harm
on purpose

she makes me want to slam my head against the wall
and i love her with everything that i am


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