My big fat weight gain!

So lately I've been eating nonstop and eating more and more and I thought I would describe it for you

Chapter 1

Fattening up

by: tubbers
I used to be an average weight of 68kg.
A year ago I went out to the supermarket and decided to start stuffing so I bought cakes, chocolate blocks, chips, anything fatty I could find and then I went to KFC and bought a few large milkshakes and large burgers and chips and then I went home and began to stuff. I scarfed it all down within a matter of hours and then ate even more, whatever I could find to fatten me up and after a month or two I had gained 15kg and had shot up to 83kg and had grown right out of my old jeans. I had definitely developed a belly and it was spilling over my super tight size 12 jeans. Every day I would eat that much and by my birthday I had put on at least 25kg and I was about to pop at 108kg. My stomach had definitely become overweight and I couldn't even fit into size 16 jeans. Because it was school holidays I had to be more sneaky about my stuffing so everyday I would go out and buy bags and bags and bags of junk food and hid it in my drawers and under my bed. Each night in bed I would fill myself up with food before going to sleep. At Christmas I had already popped up to 128kg (282lb) and I had the squishiest belly and the thickest thighs.I found a boyfriend online who wanted to make a girl fatter and he did so successfully and I shot up to 300lb. My family were on my case about health so I decided to sneak him in. Every night he would bring me a sack full of junk food and I ate every crumb. By January I was 340lb and fattening and my family just gave up on trying to make me thinner. Now in September I am an obese 180kg and gaining heavily. My size 20 jeans are bursting and my button will not stay on anymore. I have to waddle around and can not walk let alone run for very long. I am absolutely massive and can barely get through doors. Luckily I have a group of gaining friends and we all eat cakes and chocolate and chips together so we can all fatten. Now my goal is to get up to at least 800lb and or become immobile. I want to be morbidly obese and have to squeeze into size 26 jeans. My thick stomach is growing. Will update later.

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