This is a story about a girl who keeps to herself and stays out of other peoples visions as much as she possibly can but that is impossible as she returns back to a place she once thought was familiar to her memory of emotions.

Chapter 1


Another day of school, another day of people who are self-centered but mainly another day of figuring out what the definition of me is. Do people really have definitions of one another or was that just another lie Mr Abraham, my English teacher had once told to the class?
I had 6 periods today, three groups of two throughout the school day.
"Sweety, you are going to be late first day back." That was my stepmother, she acted like she was my mother. I've always had this feeling she would try and replace my mum, I hope my instincts are false. I was never her 'Sweety'.
My father dropped me off at school, I gave him a peck on the cheek and the worst of smiles yet he always thought it was the real one but in fact the real one was always under disguise.
I had turned up late for the first class of my first semester at BlueBerry College. I entered my English class not knowing what to expect but pairs of eyes starring, wondering who I was. The teacher was halfway through an announcement when he had noticed my presence in the corner, in front of the entrance door.
"Who have we here?" He asked expectantly. I walked towards him, handed my slip and took the abandoned seat to the window looking out at the forest. I ignored the glaring eyes as the teacher made a short introduction of me to the class.
"Students, you have a new acquaintance accompanying you from this day on. Treat her well or you will be having the time of your life with me. Jeniie show Ms Marie De Pars around to her next class and this great College." He said holding up his hands like he was hugging the air that belongs to the College. My peripheral vision was indeed spectacular, but my attention span needed improvement.
I stared at the forest the whole forty minutes of class, not taking notice of the boys whispering and laughing in my direction. They were the least of my worries, for now.
As the bell rang for period 2, homework from period 1 was passed out - An assignment due the very next day.
Each period, it was the same episode played as a repeat. New people, New faces and New teachers who burned their eyes' into my body, This was only day one of thirty to come.


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