Group Story Anyone?

Sorry, I know...

Chapter 1


by: Pierced_
Four kids live in an orphanage named "Miss. Haven's" in London, England. However, this orphanage is anything but heaven. The owner is cruel and mean, and abuses the children that reside there, as if they haven't already had a horrible past. However, on Christmas Eve, at exactly the stroke of midnight, a ghostly figure appears. She states that each of them has a power having to do with winter/Christmas. (Can make/manipulate snow, can make people who feel sad/lonely believe, etc.) In addition, each one protects a trait of Christmas which they call a "center" (believe, hope, joy, or spirit). Now when darkness starts to engulf London, can they save their hometown before everyone is lost in darkness?

I need writers who can write in a week (7 days). One girl and two boys please. Here is the character form:

Nickname: (Only one please)
Age: (9 to 14)
Personality: (Good and bad traits please)
Power: (Make it related to Christmas/winter.)
Center: (Hope, Joy, or Spirit)
How They Got To The Orphanage: (Their past)
Closest Friend At Orphanage: (You don't know this yet, so leave this blank unless you want my character)
Love Interest: (For characters ages 13 and up. This is optional, but encouraged.)

Here is my character:

Name: Christina Lilith Rivers
Nickname: Chris
Age: 13
Appearance: Short, layered blonde hair with side bangs that reaches just above her shoulders, crystal clear blue eyes, light skin, slender, thin, no freckles, has a long thin scar on her forearm from when she fell off her bike at the age 5.
Personality: Quiet, only talks to the people she is comfortable with, bookworm, intelligent, shy, kind, sensitive, caring, and understanding. Secretly brave, curious, a fighter, and is self confident.
Power: Can charm people to make them see the bright side of things in the darkest of times.
Center: Believe
How They Got To The Orphanage: When Christina was seven, her Dad was taken away from them charged with child abuse. Christina and her little sister (Sandra) then lives without their father for a year, until their mother fell into a depression (no one knows why) and decided to give them up. She dropped them off in the orphanage, and within a week, Sandra was adopted, being ripped away from from Christina. Ever since, Christina has been quiet and nervous, keeping to herself.
Closest Friend At Orphanage: One of you guys
Love Interest: One of the boys, hopefully.
Other: The only thing she had left of her family is her little sister's hair bow, which she turned into a necklace and she never takes it off.


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