The Awkward Chronicles

The Awkward Chronicles some of you boyfriend Yuki....umm..passed away. One thing we talked about was going a story together...and well..we got around to discussing the names and the characters and title....but...we never actually got to do the story it's self. So in honor of is the story that we created together. This is for you Yuki.......I hope you can read this from heaven.

The picture added to this story is a picture of Yuki case your wondering.

Chapter 1

The Characters

Our Characters...if you haven't noticed...we based how they are of how we are in real life.


Name: Avery Luna Moon
Nickname: Luna, Mooney, Moon, Ave, Looney Loon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Looks: Is short, Pale skin, Freckles, Glasses, Purple Eyes, Short Black Hair, skinny, has a scar shaped like a Crescent moon on the back of her right shoulder blade.
Personality: Awkward, a bit of a klutz, shy, funny, random, weird, strange, eccentric, bubbly, intelligent, creative,
Family: Her Dad Andrew Moon and her 5 brothers Older Brothers: Dustin, Rudy, Younger Brothers: The twins Charlie and Luke, and then the youngest Mickey.
Pets: A white cat w/black spots named Oreo, and Rudy's Blue Macaw named Sydney, Dustin's Pitbull Slobber, her twin brothers pet turtle named Steve and Mickey's mouse named Cheese and his Bunny Momiji. (yes...I know...the bunny's name is Momiji....only you Fruit Basket fans would understand the reasoning behind that)
Other: She's the bullied kid at school cause she's awkward, shy, smart, and kinda weird. She basically had like almost no friends and was the weird one until he came around (Yuki's character)

Yuki's Character:
Name: Johnathon Akamoto
Nickname: Johnny, John, or as some of the bullies say at the school...that Asian kid.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Looks: Shaggy Medium length black hair, Blue eyes, Tall, skinny kinda gawky, he's Asian (that's about all I got for skin tone really..he has like a light skin tone or something like that....don't know really how to describe it)
Personality: Reserved, Quiet, Shy, Intelligent, Rational, Logical
Family: Mom, Dad, older Brother (who is a bit of a jerk)
Pets: None
Other: His family recently moved from Japan to America and his English isn't that good..which is why he doesn't talk too much at first. He knows some English...but he's still working on it. He and his brother often have to translate for their parents who don't really know English. He's the new kid at the school where Avery attends.

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