Can you please read this

Chapter 1


by: Salocin
As some of you know, I will be deleting very shortly. Right now all I do is sit at my computer and play around or I watch tv, I watch fictional characters live their lives and wish I was them I write group stories with people and wish I were one of the characters. But every day, I do nothing. I have all of these dreams and wishes for my life, I kept saying 'someday I'll do this or do that' but someday that someday has to be today. So I need to start taking things seriously, I need to start doing the work that's going to get me there. Because if I don't that someday becomes never and my life will have had no purpose, no meaning what's so ever. And that's not something I'll willing to let happen.

So everyone, I'm sorry. I love this site and you guys are all really cool, but it's time for me to leave. I'll be deleting my account on the 22nd. Bye.


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