The Sonic Screwdriver Project

This includes all research of the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

Chapter 1

The Research Team

As of now, this is the team of Whovians researching:

-Sherlocked_Whovian (Isampa) (Season 7)

-Shorto (Shorto) (Season 5 and 6)

These are our general research questions:

1. Does the 11th doctor use his sonic screwdriver more often in the extended, claws-out position, or in the not-extended, claws-in position?

2. Is there a difference between using his sonic screwdriver in the extended and not-extended position (as in, does he prefer to use the sonic screwdriver extended for more heavy-duty sonicing, or not-extended for mainly opening doors, etc).

Here is a link to the story with full details about the project:

A blog concerning this research project will be made in the future, and the link will be provided here.


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