Hurt beyond Healing

Hi guys, this is a glee fan fiction written by myself and
DiamondOfLongCleeve13. We'd really appreciate it if you commented and rated our story :)

enjoy!!! :D

Chapter 1

Alexandra Fletcher

Monday morning, 7:00 am. It's time for me to get up, get changed and go to school. Sounds like a pretty normal day doesn't it? Well it's not. Its not normal because I shouldn't be in this bed, this house, going to this school. I shouldn't be in Lima Ohio. However, normal or not, I have to go otherwise I'll be subjected to more pitying, unsure looks from my aunt and uncle and I can't deal with that. So, I get up, get dressed and go downstairs to pretend to eat breakfast. Then, I grab my schoolbag and shoot a pathetic attempt of a smile at my aunt before heading out into the street.

The distance to my new school is short, only a five minute walk which is exactly why I chose it. I don't want to go in the car with Richard (my uncle) plus it means that if I need to bunk off, I'll always have a quiet, empty place to go. As I walk down the street, I see my new neighbors (an elderly couple and a small jack russel dog) watching me go.

I make it to Mckinley just as the school bell rings. I see kids walking in every direction. It's a big school and since I've refused to look at it before today, I have no idea where to go. I wander around the side of the main building and see a couple of guys wearing letterman jackets shoving a smaller kid against the wall. Just a few weeks ago I would have gone up to them and told them to let him go. Today however, I walk away.

Heading towards a side door, I see a couple of girls who look around my age , glance at my time table and walk up to them, keeping my head low.

"Um, hi." I say, then blush as they turn to look at me and drop my head even lower. "are you in um.. Mr Schuesters' class?" One of the girls flash a wide, lets be friends smile at me and I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes at her.

"Yes, Tina and I are in Mr Scheusters' form room. I, in case you were wondering am," (here she pauses, takes a deep breath and sweeps her long brown hair back) "Rachel Barbara Berry, President of sixteen clubs here in Mckinley, and co-captain of our glee cub. This is Tina Cohen- Chang, president of..well.. nothing yet.." here, Tina rolls her eyes and gives me a shy smile. I decide that I like her. Oblivious to her friends' gesture, Rachel keeps on talking. "Yes, well although Tina doesn't have a leading role in anything around here, she is still a well respected member of glee club." This time, I roll my eyes with Tina. A well respected member of a glee club? Yeah, sure.

Eventually, (after talking for at least five more minutes about Mckinley) Rachel realizes the time and hops into panic mode. "oh no! We're late Tina! I can't understand how that can be as we started walking to school exactly the same time as normal this morning. We must get to class at once. Come on, I seem to have forgotten your name.." I try to smile but give up. "Um.. I'm Alex.."
"Short for Alexandra?" asked Rachel. "You know, while Alex is one of the most common abbreviations of Alexandra, some people prefer to be called others. Lets see, there's Alexia, Lexy, Sandra, Ally, even A-" I flinch like she's hit me. "Don't call me that." I choked out. "Ever." Rachel looks like she's about to ask why (I get ready to run) but Tina gives her a warning look and suggests that we go to class. I nod gratefully, still shaking.

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