Ace Attorney Interview

Ace Attorney Interview

I'd like to thank the people who participated into the interview last time so I'm going to post the interview here for everyone to read. This will include the episodes for the first season of Ace Attorney. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Ace Attorney Interview

Leo Carson- Here you can ask questions about the series, about the game, and about any Phoenix Wright you tube videos. I'll answer all the questions that I can. If you want to find out what’s coming up I can answer that. This interview will end September 30 of the year. Another one will come back later in time.

BuddingMinds- What "kind" of game is Phoenix Wright?

Leo Carson- It's a story based game, 90% of the game is mostly reading, and 10% of the game is trial and error. So if you don’t answer the question right you don’t progress in the game. You start the first episode in a courtroom proving your client innocent. The rest of the game you look for evidence to prepare for the trial. Hope I answered that right for you?

girl next door1904- In which console do you play the game? I mean, in PSP, Nintendo DS, PS3, Xbox, etc…

Leo Carson- These Ace Attorney games are on the Nintendo DS, but if you can't find them, the first three are on the Wii and the Wii U. If you'd like to know all the games in the series I'll name them here: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Ace Attorney: Justice For All, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trial and Tribulations, Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. (This game will be coming out October 24, 2013 on the Nintendo 3DS.)

Deadrock- What do you think of the Layton vs. Ace Attorney game? Will you get it or would you prefer to stick to just Ace Attorney?

Leo Carson- I'd like to see what its like really.

Demons Daughter- Does Ace Attorney have something to keep it interesting or is it just simply proving your client is innocent?

Leo Carson- There is something interesting in it other than finding client's innocent. When I continue with it the turnabouts will unfold right before your eyes, and the ending will shock you. The next episode is on Miles Edgeworth's point of view and his job is to find people guilty, not only that he tries to find the truth. I know you don't get much in the first eight episodes but it gets better.

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