200 Questions

Chapter 1

200 Questions

200: My middle name is: Anne
199: I was born in: 26th of May 2000

198: I am really: Lame
197: My cellphone company is: Optus
196: My eye color is: hazel
195: My shoe size is: 8
194: My ring size is: idkk

193: My height is: 5'5

192: I am allergic to: nothing that I know of
191: My 1st car was: I don't have my licence????

190: My first job was: Haven't had one.
189: Last book you read: Memoirs of a Geisha

188: My bed is: a single bed

187: My pets: Two cats: Chelsey and Billy
186: My best friend(s): Chyannah, Tahlia, Shania, Amy etc
185: My favorite shampoo is: idk wot?

184: Aim name: wot even
183: Piggy banks are: swag
181: On my calendar: It's like still on June

180: Marriage is: I don't believe it's 100% necessary
179: Spongebob can: cook?

178: My Mum: Amazing <33
177: The last three CD's I bought: 21st Century Breakdown, Atlas, Led Zep II

176: Last youtube video watched: Someone Somewhere Asking Alexandria acoustic

175: How many cousins do you have?: heaps

174: Do you have any siblings?: 3 sisters
173: Are your parents divorced?: No
172: Are you taller than your Mom?: Same height

171: Do you play an instrument?: Violin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, basic keyboard (songwriting)

170: What did you do yesterday?: Band practice

[I believe in]
169: love at first sight: I guess?
168: luck: Sorta
167: fate: Not really
166: yourself: I try to
165: aliens: Its always a possibilty I guess
164: Heaven: No
163: Hell: No
162: God: No
161: horoscopes: Yes
160: soul mates: Yes
159: ghosts: Depends
158: gay marriage: You bet I do!
157: war: noo
156: orbs: huh?
155: magic: yes haha ^.^

[This or that]
154: hugs or kisses: HUGSsssS
153: drunk or high: Drunk
152: phone or online: Online
151: red heads or black haired: Both
150: blondes or brunettes: Brunettes
149: hot or cold: Colddd
148: summer or winter: Winter
147: autumn or spring: autumn
146: chocolate or vanilla: Both
145: night or day: Night
144: oranges or apples: apples
143: curly or straight hair: Depends
142: McDonald's or Burger King?: Maccas
141: white chocolate or milk chocolate: Depends
140: mac or pc: pc
139: flip flops or high heels: flip flops
138: ugly and rich or sexy and poor: sexy and poor.
137: Coke or Pepsi: Cokeee
136: Hillary or Obama: Obama
135: Buried or cremated: Cremated.
134: singing or dancing: singing
133: Coach or Chanel: Chanel
132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: neither
131: small town or big city: Big city
130: Wal-Mart or Target: Target.
129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: Adam.
128: manicure or pedicure: Manicure
127: east coast or west coast: east coast
126: your birthday or Christmas: Chrsitmas
125: chocolate or flowers: chocolates
124: Disney or Six Flags: Disney
123: Yankees or Red Sox: Red Sox!!!!!

[Here's what I think about]
122: war: I wish they didn't happen
121: George Bush: ha gayyyy
120: gay marriage: I should be legalised errywhere!!

119: the presidential election: I'm always eager to hear the result
118: abortion: It doesn't affect me
117: MySpace: OLD
116: reality TV: lameee
115: parents: LOVE THEM
114: back stabbers: nahhh
113: eBay: I love ebay.
112: s-x: If both agree, there is nothing wrong.
111: work: Wish i did aye
110: my neighbors: fgts
109: gas prices: expensive!
108: designer clothes: ain't nobody got time for that
107: college: definite
106: sports: I like baseball & softball c:
105: my family: Couldn't live without them
104: the future: #yol0

[Last time I]
103: hugged someone: like my parents
102: last time you ate: about an hour ago
101: saw someone I haven't seen in while: idk
100: cried in front of someone: sadly,. yes
99: went to a movie theater: Wednesay
98: took a vacation: like 7 months
97: swam in a pool: agesss ago
96: changed a diaper: um never?
95: got my nails done: Graduation
93: broke a bone: never
92: got a piercing: in ears.
91: broke the law: Yah
90: texted: Corey

89: who makes you laugh the most: Chyannah omfg :')
88: something I really miss from when I was little: idk
87: the last movie I saw in the theaters: Planes
86: the thing that I'm looking forward to the most: um idk
85: the thing I'm not looking forward to: grade 9
84: people call me: Kitty, Kaley, Mikky
83: the most difficult thing to do is: Understand Math
82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: no
81: my zodiac sign is: Gemini
80: the first person I talked to today was: MUM
79: first time you had a crush: like in May
78: the one person who I can't hide things from: My best friends
77: last time someone said something you were thinking: idk probably Wednesday
76: right now I am talking to: Alex
75: what are you going to do when you grow up: Something with musiccc
74: I have/will get a job: yes!
73: tomorrow: is Saturday
72: today is: Friday
71: next summer: in like three months
70: next weekend: it is
69: I have these pets: yup!
68: the worst sound in the world: nails scraping
67: the person that makes me cry the most is: idk?
66: people that make you happy: Nearly all of my friends
65: last time I cried: Today
64: my friends are: Fabulous
63: my computer is: slowly breaking
62: my school: is great tbh
61: my car: is imaginary
60: I lose all respect for people who: are against gay marriage
59: the movie I cried at was: Titanic
58: your hair color is: Brunette
57: TV shows you watch: lots///
56: favorite web site: Facebook & Tumblr
55: your dream vacation: is in Canada
54: the worst pain I was ever in was: um idk
53: how do you like your steak cooked: I don't like steak
52: my room is: Messy af
51: my favorite celebrity is: too many ^-^
50: where would you like to be: idk
49: do you want children: no, I want cats
47: who's your best friend: I already answered thissss????
46: more guy friends or girl friends: both
45: one thing that makes you feel great is: Chocolate
44: one person that you wish you could see right now: my cat
43: do you have a 5 year plan: nopee haha
42: have you made a list of things to do before you die: roughly in my head
41: have you pre-named your children?: no
40: last person I got mad at: idk
39: I would like to move to: Melbourne
38: I wish I was a professional: Swagmaster

[My favorites]
37: candy: anything sour
36: vehicle: idk
35: president: Obama
34: state visited: Victoria.
33: cellphone provider: optus
32: athlete: ??//??
31: actor: Johnny Depp, Leo DiCaprio
30: actress: Helena Bonham Carter
29: singer: Ronnie Radke tbh
28: band: Green Day
27: clothing store: I dont know
26: grocery store: Aldi haha c':
25: TV show: Under The Dome
24: movie: Planes #ThWEg
23: website: Myspace, ha jks
22: animal: Catsss
21: theme park: Movie World
20: holiday: Christman
19: sport to watch: Baseball
18: sport to play: Baseball
17: magazine: Kerrang!
16: book: Harry Potter
15: day of the week: Thursday and Friday
14: beach: dont like beaches
13: concert attended: GOING TO SOUNDWAVE 2014 YES
12: thing to cook: toast ha
11: food: Sushi
10: restaurant: Smorgies haha c':
9: radio station: Rebel fm
8: Yankee candle scent: raspberry!
7: perfume: dont wear it lol
6: flower: Rose
5: color: blue
4: talk show host: lameeee haha
3: comedian: Noel Fielding
2: dog breed: Grey Hound or Sausage Dog
1: are you ready for this survey to be over? yes pls


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