Immortal Night

Immortal Night

Chapter 1

The Memories

Blood. So much blood..

"MONSTER! SHE'S A MONSTER!" My mother yelled. "Demon! How could I have birthed that..that thing!" She hissed. I stood there covered in my fathers blood. My mother crying, and me holding my little sister by the neck. "M-Mommy! Sister is hurting me!" she cried. "Put my baby down you demon!" Mother yelled again. I slowly put my sister down and stepped towards my mother. "You did this to made me like this." I said before I snapped her neck. My sister screamed and yelled 'Mommy' over and over again. I glared at her. " took all of them away from me." My anger was rising. "Mommy! Daddy!" She sobbed. "Die...!" I said before I picked her up and snapped her neck, just as I did with mother.

I looked up at the moon from the tree I was sitting in. That was the first time I killed someone. I had enjoyed it, but not for long. Soon after I had realized what I had done and fled the area. 100 years later, I still look like a child but more grown up. I live in Wisconsin, near a river.

Sitting on my roof, looking up at the stars, I have remembered that incident. All of my life I never knew what 'love' was, what 'family' meant. I never felt anything, any pain, any emotion. I am a creature of the night, a monster who kills. I will not ever change, I will always be a predator. My name is Alice and I am 107 years old.

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