But I want you to (1D)

Sequel to you'll never treat yourself right darlin'

I know its taken me ages but it is finally here!

This is going to change point of view a lot so you have to read the title of the chapter to know who it is by.

Chapter 1


Dark shadows wouldn't leave Ali's eyes. They seemed so empty and I was unable to do anything. Baggy black clothes always hung loosely over her dainty figure as she wasted away. The loss of Cal had affected her deeply. He was so close to her and now she was an only child.

I felt so helpless as I watched her stare out the window with tears silently rolling down her cheeks. She refused to be comforted, she wanted to feel the true pain of losing her brother alone. She didn't want to feel better.

It had been three weeks since the day we went public. Since the day her brother was murdered by someone who claims to be a Directioner. Many others have constantly sent apologies. They've noticed the consequences of this one girl's actions have changed so much. We don't talk and respond to them as much, in the last three weeks they've noticed that I most of all won't smile at them. It hurts thinking that one of them could have been the one that killed Cal. She hasn't been caught and she is clearly obsessed with us.

I'm constantly worried for Ali. If they killed her brother then is she safe? If they killed her brother then how much power with they have? Are they close? I am constantly on edge. I don't want Ali to get hurt anymore but it seems like she doesn't even want to defend herself from anything.

She will still kiss me, she will still say she loves me when we are alone but its not the same. Her beautiful dark brown eyes seem even darker now and it worries me. I know she needs time to heal but time alone wont make her better. She needs to want to be better, but she doesn't. She thinks being happy will be an insult to Cal's memory or something.

I held her hand tightly. "He would want you to happy" i told her for what felt like the millionth time.

"He would want to be here" she said.

"He wouldn't want you to cut yourself off from everyone else"

"I don't cut myself off from you" he voice was so faint i barely heard.

I kissed her hand lightly, studying the black nail varnish that adorned her fingers. The skulls painted on the thumbs. She seemed to find so much time for her nails these days.

The black veil that was cast over her hair was pulled over her face by her bony fingers. "We're here" she commented. She removed her seatbelt carefully and slowly. I mimicked her actions but never let my eyes leave her figure.

The black dress she wore today wasn't baggy, she put a lot of effort into her looks today. She wanted to look perfect for Cal. But she looks perfect in my eyes no matter what. Her slender figure was wrapped tightly in a black lace dress that came up to her mid thigh. Her black stilettos were about three inches tall making her so much closer to my height as she stood, ducking her head out of the car.

Her eyes were covered in black make up which she made sure to be waterproof. Black lipstick even danced upon her perfect lips that shook and quivered looking towards the small church.

I took her hand once more as we strode carefully into the sacred house of God. She had her own beliefs and Cal wasn't religious at all but he liked tradition.

We tip toed down the aisle. The noise of our feet travelling being the only noise in the silent building as we took seats at the front.

I nervously fiddled with my black tie struggling to breathe as the vicar spoke of the boy who I never even met. The boy who must have been amazing but i felt like i didnt belong. I never even met the boy. Simon sat on the other side of Ali crying with everyone else. Why was I here? For Ali.

Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn all sat behind us. I knew they would be as awkward as me but we were here for Ali. She came first.

The ceremony carried on and Ali refused to speak about Cal claiming nothing she could say would be truly deserving of him. It could never be good enough for the boy who now had left was a saint on her eyes.

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