To All Who It May Apply To

Comment your thoughts or not. I'm just bored..

Chapter 1

Lesson of Hope? Eh

Have you ever just wanted to give up? Give up on everything.. family... friends.. yourself... everything? Have the days ever seemed to always beat you up and you are just always tired, not like a tired from not getting enough sleep. But.. like a sad tired? Have you ever been tired... of just being tired? These numbing emotions make you feel nothing and have you ever felt as if the numbing emotions just cause you more pain? And do you notice, that no matter who you really talk to, great friend/family member or not, or what song you may listen to, or what movie/show you may watch,you are still always tired and feel as if something is missing in your life? And then, when you think about it.. do you ever come to the conclusion on what you are missing.. is someone from your past that had just disappeared?

You continue to fake a smile to anyone you care about, and say things like, "I'm fine" "I'm just tired" "It doesn't really matter." because you don't want them to worry about you and you truly believe that your emotions really don't matter, because you are used to listening to everyone else's problems and you don't want to bother people with yours?

Does all of that sound familiar? You don't need to answer that question, just think about it. and if any part of it sounds familiar... trust me.. you aren't alone so don't give up.

I will admit, It seems like I have been feeling that way a lot recently, and trust me when I say this, I hate talking about my emotions, it takes a lot out of me to be able to trust someone and spill all my feelings to them and sometimes when I do.. it just makes me feel more tired because I had lost my battle with holding back.

But you are never alone. If you ever feel like that, I understand the feeling and you can always come talk to me about it, and I promise, I really am a great punching bag, crying shoulder, or opening ear.

"When the world says, 'Give up', Hope whispers, 'Try one more time.' "

We may feel like giving up, and sometimes we may feel like we are not enough. This may lead us to wanting to cry.. or even wanting to die, but have you realized.. how many of you all are still here?

Just remember, you are never alone and there will always be people out there for you.

This has been an inspirational message that was probably a waste of your guys' time by Amber. Feel free to comment hate or not. She doesn't really care because she wrote this since she was bored on a sunday morning.

Now.. Peace out you wonderful people, don't forget, even if it seems cloudy where you are, the sun is shining somewhere else and there will always be at least one person to be willing to help you out!


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