There are 6 types of bullying. They are: Cyber bullying, Intimidation bullying,

Indirect bullying, social alienation, Verbal bullying, and Physical Bullying.

They are all bad and needed to be prevented. It can happen in schools, your own

home, even anywhere else you go.

Chapter 1

Bullying Needed To Be Stopped

First of all, I'll tell all of you which each of them mean.

Physical Bullying: It is when you have physical contact to injure or beat up a

person. Like for example kicking,hitting,abusing, assaulting.

Verbal Bullying: It is offensive words coming out of people's mouths. Like name-

calling, or even judging them by their race,ethnicity, religion, social status, or

how they look.

Indirect Bullying: This is when rumors or gossips start spreading about someone

or another group.

Social Alienation Bullying: This is when a bully removes them from a group on

purpose. This also includes spreading rumors and also making in front of their

differences or personalities or even hobbies.

Intimidation: This is when someone makes in front of someone. Also when a

bully threatens someone else to do what they want.

Cyberbullying: This is when a picture, rumor, or text gets on the internet to

offend or humilate you. It can be included in instant messaging, text messages,

or even emails.

Preventing from Bullied/Bullying People/roles:

Bully Victim: Go tell the teacher about what the bully is doing to you. They will

get in trouble for assaulting or bullying you.

The Bi-stander/Watching of the Bully Scene: Tell the teacher that a person is

being bullied by a person.

The Bully: Follow the regulations of other places or else you won't get involved

in a crisis.


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