Stop Bullying, We All Need That Friend. (Original Poem with a Little Story)


Chapter 1


I don’t want to get out of bed
Every morning going to school
Is something I dread
I feel like drowning in a pool

I get to school
Gawks and stares
My life you now rule
And nobody cares

First class
I work hard
I feel like an outcast
You call me words like ‘retard’

Second class is such a drag
I can’t hear the teacher over the name calling
Like ‘you’re such a fag’
Off a cliff, I’m slowly falling.

Lunch time
Oh, cause this is so great
I’m disliked like grime
I feel like shark bait

Third class is sport
I can’t run that fast
My legs are so short
For everything I am picked last

Now comes fourth class
My life is hell
I get treated like and ass
Off that cliff I fell

Now is second lunch
All alone
I am hated a bunch
I’m bullying prone

Last class of the day
I want to get out of here
But at home it’s dull and grey
Going to school and home I fear.

Okay now I’m home
I do my chores
I’m locked in this dome
Then I hear “You have to clean the doors”

It’s now time for dinner
Almost every night I skip it
My mum is a winner
Cause now I feel like shit

It’s time to sleep and I’m in pain
I don’t cut, I never will again

Even though they rip me like a tissue
I have one person that will always help me through

Amy, if you’re reading this. I wuv you! ♥ ♡ ♥

This poem is about how I, and many other people are bullied every day, I am lucky because I have Amy. My best friend (AmzieClemmensen). She stopped me from cutting and has now convinced me that she is my best friend. She is the only real life best friend. I have because only 5 people on here have seen the me, like actually seen me.

Thank you. So much Amy. I wuv you! ♡ ♥ ♡

We need to prevent bullying. You can do this by helping people. For example; You see someone getting bullied, stop the bully. I have heard excuses for this like “But I will get bullied for telling on them”… SO WHAT? By telling an adult (doesn’t necessarily have to be a teacher or parent), you are helping so many people! Also if you feel like you’re about to bully someone. THINK 10 TIMES BEFORE YOU DO IT! Think before you say. It will hurt people if it’s bullying.

If anyone needs any advice on bullying, you can talk to either Amy or I. I am proud to help a victim because I know how you feel. I want to reach out to all of those people that are bullied every day (like me) and stop this. It needs to be stopped. Everyone deserves peace, especially those who are or have been bullied. Now please, tell me. I will help you.

~Shania ♥ ♥



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