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Chapter 1

No More Sign Ups Please. Authors Are Being Chosen.

by: Pierced_
Four best friends live pretty normal teenage lives, until one rainy day when they are coming home from the movies, they find a dog like creature that can speak to them.

The creature tells them to take it to shelter (which will be one of the character's houses). When they ask where the creature came from, it says it's name is Sayoko (picture a black Labrador Retriever puppy with violet eyes, black feather wings, and a glowing black halo). It also explains that is a special creature from another galaxy that can grant any wish these friends have if they form a contract with him. In exchange to granting their wish and giving them powers, they fight these magical beings who are trying to destroy humanity. However, there is a catch they don't know. Their soul is sacrificed, and so is their lives. They can die doing this, and if they die, their souls will disappear forever and no one will remember them.

When all of these friends make a contract not knowing this, is there a way out? Will they die trying?

(Extra Info IMPORTANT: When a "contract" is formed with Sayoko, a life jewel is formed. The life jewel is what gives each friend their power, and where their souls are concealed. They cannot let these out of their sight. If they break, they can also die. Anyway, in addition to receiving a gem, they receive a weapon, and a whole new outfit and when they use their powers, they "transform" into that outfit. Finally when a girl or boy forms a contract, they are also called a Savior Boy or Girl.)

My character:

Name: Alice Jessica Coleman
Age: 14
Appearance: Waist length, curly light blonde hair, big scarlet eyes, slender, pale skin tone, 5 feet 3 inches, underweight, pretty
Life Gem: Ruby
Weapon: Rifle
Family: Mom (Grace) is alive, Dad (Robert) died in a car crash when Alice was 8, has two brothers Isaac (16) and Alexander (19).
Outfit: Scarlet dress with white ruffles that reaches just above her knees, scarlet bow that wraps around like a belt and ties in the back, elbow length white gloves with lace, knee high white socks with lace at the top, scarlet flats with a strap, a ruby choker, and her hair is tied (by a scarlet ribbon) in a high ponytail.
Wish: To save her brother and let him live. (You'll see why in the story ;)
Fears: The dark, losing people she cares about, small spaces (she is claustrophobic), and heights.
Other: Her birthday is January 15th, and she can play the cello.


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