dont let me go(harry styles fanfic)

dont let me go(harry styles fanfic)

this is a story about a girl that has loved her BFF for her hole life.

she is afraid to tell him because she doesn't want ruin their friendship.

but things don't work out...the question she is asking over and over again everyday every night....'wil we ever be together and stay together for ever?'

Chapter 1

friends' for life

imagine you and harry have been friends for 12 years...12 YEARS!!!. your feelings have grown stronger for him over the past years and your afraid to tell him because...'what if he doesn't like me back?' or 'I tell him and it ruins our friendship we have' you thought to yourself.

you were just your average teenage girl, 19 of age, very blonde as your friends called you mostly harry...VERY BLONDE!!, you were funny, loved life and well loved harry...

you and harry were hanging out at your house today after school. it was yours and Harrys' last year of school and you haven't separated since the first day of prep/kindergarten!. You guys were sitting on the couch watching movies and pigging out on chips, lollies, popcorn and having a few drinks.

"you know what Chloe, we are best friends like best friends...aren't we?"

you looked over at harry and smiled

"of course harry we will be for ever always"

harry looked at you and returned the smile but deep down inside you, you wanted to be way more than friends with this boy.

"im bored, you?"

harry was asking you with a mischievous smile on his face, and you knew that smile wasn't good but not in a bad way in a good way and bad way.

"yeah a bit, why?"

"just wondering..."

he trailed of at the end of his words but you shook it off knowing he wont do any thing that stupid...or will he?

harry bolted off the lounge and ran outside. you followed him smiling and a bit curious no REALLY curious of what he is doing.

you ran out side then stopped...harry wasn't out here...

"Harry!!, are you out here??"

no answer...

"Harry!! this isn't funny!!"

you were about to walk back inside but something wet hit your back and constantly kept hitting you. you turned around and their he was, harry with a big water gun in his hands and spraying you with water constantly and not stopping.

"Harry!!, stop it haha harry!!"

you couldn't control your laughing, you had your hands out in front of you preventing it to hit your face and cause your make up to start running down your face.

"haha nope im not stopping this time chloe, you have to fight back"

"fine I will!!, better run styles!"

you then ran into the house and got your water gun and filled it up.

'alright harry lets see what you got'

you said to yourself but then you started to think about the last water fight you two ever had...

it was a hot summer day, you guys were at the beach, harry only had his swimming shorts on, you had your swimmers on and you both were in the water swimming around and talking about random stuff until harry thought it would be funny to splash water in your face! you were socked but laughed...

your thoughts were corrupted by something cold hitting your back...

''HARRY!!" you screamed

''what?!?'' he said pretending he doesn't know what an earth your talking about...

''oh hahaha want to play that game do we?''

"what game?"

now harry looked confused so this was your ran up to him and started to shoot the water at him you squirted him a few times and he was shocked and just stood their blocking the water from his face. you and harry laughed so hard that you slipped and you were falling backwards but you felt something grab you by the waist and pull you towards them...harry was holding you by the waist pulling you closer...

you and harry have stopped laughing now and you were looking at each other in the eyes. harry smiles at you and you return it

"thanks harry haha"

"no problem ok?"

"yeah im fine...but I think that's enough water fights for one day don't you think?"

"yeah i think so to...want something to eat?"

"haha harry we still have them chips and lollies and all the other stuff we were eating when we were watching the movie..."

"oh...ok then lets eat them then...RACE YA!!"

and before you knew it you were out of Harrys arms and released into the world didn't even notice you were in Harrys arms because he was so warm and cuddly you loved him and like harry guys really are the bestest friends for ever :)

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