Eleven Nettles

This Is NOT, I Repeat, NOT An Original Idea. It Is An Old Fairytale That Is Rarely Told And I Have Re-Wrote It In More Detail.

Chapter 1

Chapter One.

All Fairy Tales Begin With Once Upon A Time, And That Is How I Will Begin Mine. Once Upon A Time, There Was A Beautiful Kingdom Full Of Smiles And Love. The King Of This Country Had 11 Sons, And A Beautiful Daughter Named Elise. Sadly, The Kings Wife Passed Away After Giving Birth To Her Youngest Child, A Boy Named Antony. Time Passed, And Slowly Healed The Kings Heart. He Sent For Beautiful Women To Come To The Castle And He Will Pick One To Be His Bride.

After Seeing So Many Women Who Were Too Large, Too Skinny, Too Clever, Too Stupid, Too Loud , Too Noisy, The King Felt As Though He'd Never Find A Suitable Bride. But, When The Last Woman Walked In, The King Was Speechless. She Had Long Black Hair That Shined And Fell In A Dark Waterfall Down To Her Waist. Her Big, Blue Eyes Were Framed With Long Lashes, And Her Hourglass Body Was Complimented By The Long Purple Dress And Cape She Wore. Without Realizing She Was A Witch, He Immediately Asked For Her Hand, And She Accepted Without Hesitation.

A Few Days Later, After The Marriage, The Queen Overheard The King Telling His Eldest Son That He Must Learn To Take More Responsibilities, As When He Died He Would Be King. The Queen Flew Into A Rage, Wanting Herself To Be Queen. She Ordered The Eleven Sons Into The Courtyard, And Demanded They Stand Against The Wall.
The Harsh Words She Spoke Didn't Match Her Silky Voice, Which Had Been Secretly Changed By A Spell.

"You Will Roam This Earth, With Only Your Wings To Guide You!" She Cried, And One By One The Sons Turned Into Swans, But Because They Were Royal , Each Had A Golden Crown On Their Head.

They Flew Off Into The Distance, Their Crowns Gleaming In The Sunlight.
The Queen Ran Into The Throne Room, Telling The King That The Princes Had Run Away.
Elise Was Sent To Live With A Peasant Family, After The Queen Firmly Told The King That A Girl Must Grow Up With Other Children.

A Few Years Later, The King Sent For His Daughter.
"Come, My Child." Whispered The Queen To Elise In A Sickly Sweet Voice. She Watched As Elise Got Into The Bath, And She Enchanted Three Warty Toads.

To The First, She Told Him To Sit On Elise's Head And Make Her Stupid. To The Second, She Told Him To Sit On Elise's Heart And Harden It, And To The Third, She Told Him To Sit On Elise's Forehead And Make Her Ugly.
The Three Toads Hopped Into The Bath, Turning The Water An Ugly Green. But, Elise's Innocence Easily Broke The Witches Spell, Turning The Toads Into Poppies And Making The Water Crystal Clear. The Witch Flew Into A Rage, And Rubbed Mud Onto Elise's Face And Body, Tied Her Hair Into Knots And Replaced Her Fine Gown With A Ripped Peasants Dress.

Elise Walked Gracefully Into The Thrown Room, And The King Let Out A Gasp Of terror. "You Are Not My Daughter!" He Cried.

"Father, It's Me!" Elise Sobbed, As She Suddenly Broke Down Into Tears.

"Some Peasant After Your Money!" Sneered The Queen. "Guards!"

Elise Walked Miserably Out Of The Village After Being Thrown Out Of The Castle. She Came To A Lake, Where She Kneeled And Washed Off The Mud And Washed Out The Tangles. And Kind Old Woman Strolled Nearby. She Saw The Young Woman And Mistook Her For An Orphan. "Do You Need Help, Dearie?" Asked The Woman, Worried.
"Have You Seen Eleven Boys Nearby?" Asked Elise Eagerly.
"No" The Old Woman Replied, Shaking Her Head. "But There Are Eleven Swans That Visit This Lake Each Night. Stay And See Them, If You Wish." And With That, The Old Woman Continued On Her Way.

-Authors Note- So, Shall I Continue?

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