Just a Prank (Finished)

Amber, her brother Peter, and her best friend Jack are going to prank the "popular" girl at a costume party. But what happens when every story you have ever heard about Halloween comes true after you do a simple prank?

Chapter 1


I turned in a circle, holding out the small kitchen knife. This definitely isn't my idea of a good time. I thought to myself as the whimpers and howling and screams drew closer. It had just started as a harmless Halloween prank and now it was turning into a full-scale war.

Earlier that day...

I laughed as I sat down next to Jack, my best friend, and Peter, my brother. "So, are you two ready for tonight?" I asked, smirking smugly and picking at my food before pushing it to Peter.
"Oh yeah! Are you kidding? We've been waiting for this all year, Amber!" Peter exclaimed through a mouthful of my food.
Jack shook his head. "Dude that's disgusting! We are in public, can't you have manners at all?"
"No, he can't, trust me," I told him, laughing as Peter tried to punch my arm but missed.
We had planned to prank Fiona, our school's "Princess." She was the rich, popular, snooty, cheerleader that is the stereotype for popular girls in real life. And, being outcasts, she scorned us even more than she scorned the nerds. Which is pretty bad.
Anyway, we were planning on crashing her costume party tonight, dressed as the creepiest things ever. More on that later. The plan was to bring a vial of fake blood and pour it all over the place, start muttering creepy incantations, then bolt. Simplicity at it's finest.
"We all know the plan, right?" Jack asked, looking pointedly at my brother.
Peter nodded and I rolled my eyes as he continued to stuff his face.
"This will be a night to remember," Jack muttered to himself as we left Peter alone with his beloved food.

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