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by: Pierced_
No more sign ups, please. Authors are chosen.

There is a world called Fay, where only five species thrive. Humans, angels, demons, witches/wizards, and ghosts. This story will be based around 5 people. They each work for a very rich, powerful family, using their powers to make sure everything goes smoothly and to protect the families. However, each of these families are rivals. And now, each one is trying to destroy the other. When things start to go to far, what will happen?

I need authors who can write in 1 week and 5 days. For characters, I need one angel (girl), one demon (boy), and one half ghost/half human (girl or boy). Here is the character form:

Name: (Your character's last name will be the family's last name)
Age: (14-16 please)
Species: (Angel, Demon, or Half Ghost/Half Human)
Star Sign:
Hair: (Unique colors accepted)
Eyes: (Unique colors accepted)
Skin Color:
Family They Serve: (You may make up a last name.)
Love Interest: (Optional)

My character:

Name: Caroline Alessandra Thompson
Age: 14
Species: Witch
Birthday: December 19th
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Hair: Waist Length, Curly, Light Blonde
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5' 3"
Skin Color: Pale
Outfit: Black dress that reaches her knees with lace trim, a white frilly apron tied over the dress, white tights, black heeled shoes with straps, opal chocker, white gloves, and a black witch hat with a white ribbon around it.
Weapon: Her staff, which holds a gold colored crystal ball.
Family They Serve: The Thompson Family (A mother, father, and two sons)
History/Past: Caroline was an only child. Her mother (Sophia) and her father (Vincent) were both magical and famous. However, when Caroline was six, her parents were killed by an evil half ghost/half human. She then flew (on her broomstick) from place to place until the Thompson family found her and offered her a home, in exchange for her to work as a maid. She has hated half ghost/half humans ever since.
Love Interest: Possibly a male character
Other: She specializes in light/heat magic, and has a black cat with gold eyes named Midnight.

Once more, no more sign ups. Authors are chosen.

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