Indirect Murderer

I am sick to death of bullies. >:( This poem was written to basically let them know how much they could hurt people, bullying needs to stop.

Chapter 1

Indirect Murderer

by: Bye_Bye_
Kick them down,
Make them fall,
Call them names,
Slam them up against a wall.

Punch them,
Kick them,
Abuse them all day and all night,
Get them into an unfair fight.

Push them around,
Beat them down,
Etch their face,
With a permanent frown.

Bully, bully,
They beg you to stop with the pain,
But you continue with the beatings,
And then start all over again.

You are a bully,
You love to watch people cry,
But I must ask you this,
Why oh why?

Do you believe they are weak,
Or is it power that you seek?

Why do you prey on the ones who are sad,
Why do their tears,
Make you feel glad?

Sick in the head,
Is what you are,
You leave a painful,
Ugly scar.

You are mentally ill,
Your brain cells must be,
Ever so few,
That is the only conclusion,
I can draw from you.

What will you do when they have had enough,
When they tie the rope around their neck,
Because you have turned them,
Into an emotional wreck?,

When they take a blade to their skin,
All because you felt like you had to win.

What will you do,
When they take their own life,
When you, alone,
Have thrown their family into strife?

Before you go,
I simply must know,
What will you do,
When their death is on you?


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