can i learn to love him (niall horan love story)

can i learn to love him (niall horan love story)

Enjoy this is for my BEST FRIEND
She loves one direction and is a true fan
I want to thank her for been the best friend anyone can have

name: Amber Louise
description: long brownish blondish hair, brown eyes, short and skinny, sporty
age: 19
best friend: Chloe
afraid of: clowns, the dark, heights, small spaces

is a singer trying to get into the big leads with Chloe

Chapter 1

Big hopes!!!!

You smile at your webcam as the red light turns green, tell you it was recording.
You have been posting videos of you singing everyday on YouTube hoping someone will notice you, and well they have you have over one million viewers.

You start singing fireworks by Katy Perry in you fabulous voice! With my best friend singing back u and she had all the beats playing.
Just as the song goes to an end you smile and say thanks for watching into the webcam before you shut it off.
“Well done Amber” your best friend Chloe says jumping off your bed and running over to you to give you a hug.
“I just hope everyone else loves it” you say letting go of your best friend and collapsing onto your bed.
“Everyone will” says Chloe collapsing onto the bed next to you. This is why you and Chloe were best friends ever since the first day you meet in year seven! You both shared the same passion, love the same things, both were scared of clowns and of small spaces and of the dark, and you done everything together. And she helped you with your music stuff like making music for you and helping you with everything.
“Awww thanks Chloe,” you say looking at her, “You’re the best.” She turns to you and sits up.
“Well what are best friends for” she says picking up her I-phone off the floor. She quickly jumps up with excitement as she reads throw something.
“OMG, amber you not going to believe this but one direction are coming to Australia for something” she yells jumping up and down in excitement.
“OMG, why” you saying sitting up fast making the blood rush from your head.
“it doesn’t say but it says that they are coming to meet someone important” she says, looking down at her phone in frustration. I knew what she was thinking and we have a name for when we both know what each other is thinking we call it TELEFRIENDIC moment and this happened a lot.
“Chloe, what’s up” I asks looking over at my friend in worry. I knew that face. It was her thinking face.
“Well,” she says looking up from her phone “It says that they are meeting two people and are going to help them into the music industry.” You couldn’t believe it, they were coming all the way to Australia to try and get a group in to the music industry…. Who could it be you think to yourself, But you shake off the thought of thinking it could be you and Chloe because there are like millions of other people in Australia who what to be in the music industry.
You look up at Chloe and smile showing her that you were happy to hear that someone is going to make the big lead..
2 hours later
You have just hoped in to your bed snuggling up against your pillows. You couldn’t help but start to think about one direction and how they are coming to Australia to help a group into the big leads
And you couldn’t help yourself but you hopefully wished it was you and Chloe. You both have been posting videos on YouTube since grade 9 and you had so many followers and people adding comments about how good you two were. Thinking of how much this meant to you and Chloe you couldn’t help but smile to yourself and hope for the best.

sorry it is short!!! Comment and rate!!! Thanks


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