Too all whom care.. Importantish message.

Chapter 1

Hello you very few people.

by: Nikolia
Alot of things have happened which caused me to not be on quibblo as much , and when i came back, well not many of you were left.
I went and made a new account because well, i dont know.
I will still be using this one, but uploading more of my poems and stuff like that onto my other account so yeah..
This is my new account, add me if you like.

This is my latest story/poem.
Where is my mind
Through the endless pain
Your eternal shame
I see the light
But i can see through it anymore
Ive lost my light
Ive lost it all
Where is my mind
Singing to broken tunes of decaying strings
I whisper out my endless dreams
While inside my bleeding soul screams
For one more release
To see the light again
I see my mind
Out in the water made from my unshed tears
Watching it float away
Where is my mind now
Im in my wonderland
Fueled by pills and pain
One more suicide attempt
To gain my endless shameless fame
Of the girl that broke
I can see them now
Crocodile tears of pain
Grieving over my eternal shame
Dont see why
Dont wee when
But one day
You'll never see me again.


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