wow wow

i cant beileve my friend wwrote a story about me and it was not nice! i was going to say sorry but i think different now.

Chapter 1

cant beileve it

i wish that my friends wrote post mean stuff about me oline and that is not true. well rhianna its not my fault of this. in study hall the reason why i dont talk is because im busy working on my homework. also that one time when you were talking to jelllybean in the hallway and when we left (because she was done packing) first i thought you were following us. but when i look back i saw u were behind so i waited till u catch up to us at least. and after school yesterday when you were talking to jellybean when she was really for in it. she said hold one and i use my pointer finger like people do to say hold one a minute. you YELLED dont do that to me. and that made jellybean mess up and we didnt even yelled at you. jeallybean just said rhhianna you made me messed up. rhianna so what if it is just a iphone/ ipod touch game. it was really hard. and when we left to move to a different table we wasnt even talking about you. if you want to know what i was talking about.we were talking about how jeallybean wanted to be friends with jetta. so she made a note on my phone for jetta to see. also when i was looking at you first i didnt know you were crying or if you were tyred or mad so i didnt want to say something to u because i didnt want to get yelled at. sorry SORRY SORRY i just wish u told me that in person and not post it online i will EASE this when you see it. because what you wrote hurtly hurt my feelings and jellbean feeling really bad now jellybean dont know if you are her friend any more. plus u rather listen to sad music instead of being my friend that is just plan mean!! let me say this one more time IM SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY IM SORRY IF THIS HURTS YOUR FEELINGS I WILL EARESE IT AFTER YOU READ THIS and im begging that you dont post mean things about me online anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! commint if you read this!


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