Self Injury Awarness Day!

My SI Awareness bracelets.

Chapter 1

March 1st

As some of you may know, tomorrow, March 1st, is Self Injury Awareness Day. I'm sure that a lot of us have been influenced by self injury, either by struggling with it, or by watching someone struggle with it. But some people just don't understand. They think it's attention seeking, or 'emo'. Even today, I have pretty bad scars and I wore 3/4 length sleeves, I received a few comments of, "Down the river, not across the stream." These people have no idea what self injurers have to go through everyday, they have no clue how addicting self injury is, how once you start it's so hard to stop. I have to watch people go through this, and it kills me that these people can be so ignorant. But tomorrow is a day where together we can make a difference. We can inform people about self injury and what it's about. Tomorrow, on March 1st, do something to raise awareness, even something as simple as wearing an orange bracelet, or an orange Self Injury Awareness ribbon. Make a video, write a poem, make a drawing, or just tell someone, even if it's one person about Self Injury Awareness. Even something small can help us spread the word and make our voices heard. So tomorrow, spread the word! And stay strong!

P.S. If you want to see what I did (instead of my math homework) here's the link.( I just did something small, I made bracelets to give to people.


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