Chapter 2

What the hell are you doing?~ a Han Solo one-shot

A/N: Your name is Jade Silero and you've lived in Mos Eisley spaceport all of your life, smuggling for Jabba the Hutt and whoever else she can get a job for.

I walked off of my ship, the Inferni Falcon, feeling my blaster resting against my leg as I walked, knowing that I could whip it out and shoot someone in a second if I had to.

I walked out of Docking Bay 95, walking through the crowded streets of Mos Eisley to get to the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Because after that last job, I could really use a drink.

I entered the cantina, heading over to the bar where I tapped Wuher on the shoulder. "Hey, Wu, can you hook me up with one of those?"

Wuher rolled his head, smiling slightly. "Here you go, Jade." He said roughly, passing me a cup full of the liquor.

I winked at him before turning and walking over to a table, tossing him a copper coin. "Thanks, Wu."

I sat down in a nice corner table, propped my boots up on the table because I new Wuher wouldn't give a damn, and took a drink.

Damn, it's good to be back home.

The last smuggling gig I had was pretty rough. I got a blaster shot on my right arm which still hasn't healed and hurts like hell.

"Ah, so the triumphant returns, eh?"

I opened one eye to see Han Solo smirking down at me as he passed by. "Aw, shut up, Solo, you're just jealous I'm a better pilot than you!" I called after him, taking another sip of my drink as I watched him sit down next to Chewbacca, his wookie friend.

"In your dreams, Silero!" He yelled back, raising an eyebrow at me.

I rolled my eyes and took another large drink.

Han and I have known each other since I was 8, and he was 12. He and I started out a rivalry even back then on who could race across the street, steal a Stormtrooper's gun and be back the fastest.

Now, of course, we had a competition over who could fly the best, smuggle the most, and get the best-paying customers.

Speak of the devil. I thought as I saw Lando Calrissian walking into the Cantina, his cape sweeping behind him.

"Hey, Han." I heard him say as he walked up to them, grinning. "I need you to-"

"You don't want him to carry freight for you, Calrissian!" I hollered, crossing my arms behind my head again, grinning as I saw Han glare at me whereas Lando looked up in interest.

"What do you mean, Jade?" He asked looking confused.

"He dropped all of his freight just because he saw an Imperial cruiser." I said, shaking my head in sadness. "Such a shame too, he could have made all of that-"

"Watch it, Silero!" Solo barked, fuming.

"Is it true, Han?" Lando Calrissian asked, looking from his friend to Chewy and back again.

Han narrowed his eyes at Lando. "Even I get boarded sometimes. You think I had a choice?"

"We all have choices, Han." I smirked, downing the last of my drink and stretching, feeling my shirt ride up to my ribs for a second. "What choice we pick is what really matters."

Lando looked at Han one last time. "I'm sorry, man, but this job is majorly important. I gotta give it to someone I can trust. No hard feelings, man." He clapped Han on the shoulder before walking over and sitting down across from me as I grinned broadly. "So, Miss Silero, here's the deal."


I walked out of the Cantina with an awesome-paying job, feeling much better than I had that morning, even with my blaster wound still healing.

That is, until I was grabbed by the arm and spun around so that my head and back slammed into the concrete wall of the Cantina.

"What the hell are you doing?" I spit out, glaring at Solo as he held me by the arms against the wall.

"You took a job that was supposed to be mine, Silero." Solo growled, his eyes narrowed at me. "You'll pay for that."

Hmm...but he didn't say how...

"I'm sure I will." I smirked. Then I reached my hands up to either side of my face and kissed him full on the mouth, closing my eyes as I did so.

For a second, Han Solo didn't do anything. But then he moaned against my mouth softly, pulling me closer, his arms tight around my waist as my arms threaded around his neck.

I ran my fingers through his thick brown hair, kissing him fiercely.

Then I pulled away, knocking his hands from my waist and stepping around him easily. "That payment enough for you, Solo?"

Han raised an eyebrow at me, a smile pulling at the right corner of his mouth. "Same time next week, Silero."

I laughed loudly, tossing my head back as I began walking back to my ship, feeling Han Solo's eyes on me as I went.

There's a new turn of events. I thought to myself with a smile.


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