Weird at heart.

who am I?

Chapter 1

welcome. normal disapeared 5 miles behind you.

Hello. this is my mind. it's blank right now. Look at the white nothingness around you. I'm kinda bored of nothing. What if suddenly the nothingness exploded? BOOM Woah! Did you see that epic explosion?!!! The white emptiness is gone...I can't wait for my birthday. It's in April. I love birthdays. OMG! on that table over there, it's a DQ Ice Cream cake! What does it say? Happy B-day. Lovre speech and Drama:) That is so like them! I love everyone on my speech and drama team....Steve Tedman suddenly a tallteenage guy with short brown hair, wearing an ugly sweater with a reaaally deep voice appears Steve?!! How'd you get in my head? "Well, you were thinking of me" I wish Mr. Saumer could be here. A tall man in his late twenties with a shaved blonde head and slight beard wearing a suit and tie appears YAY! How about Rachael Berg? a girl around fifteen in a big sweatshirt with long dishwater blonde hair Hey! Come on slither! "And I slither....Like so!" Hmmmm. how about Lexi Tolrude! a short girl with blonde hair put up in a bun wearing a black jacket with head phones around her neck Hi. "What? Is this a party?" Not yet! We need Mary Van de Hey! a blonde girl with a lot of freckles appears Hey! "Where the fudge is Nasia?!" Right here. We need Nasia Wiswell! a tall skinny ginger girl appears "who the hell brought me here?" me..."Cuz it's awesome!" I need Brian Welch. A 14 year old dark haired guy appears "Where's my cookie?" With a laugh, I want my spicy grandma to appear. an older lady with curly brown hair appears Now Linda Williams A tall girl with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and glasses. Oops, forgot Lilia. And I forgot her last name./A girl with thin dyed black hair and a really big smile appears/ LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

Now, Let me in.


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