Our story shouldn't of ended like this (a Marauder era story)

A story of Lily and Patunia Evans' younger sister if they had one and if she was a witch like Lily

Chapter 1

When Sisters fall out

I lived a village with my two older siters Lily and Patunia. Like Lily I had vibrant red hair that looked like fire when the weather was windy. Me and my sisters were quite different from each other in personality. Patunia acted slightly posh and was a bit stuck up. Lily was really girly, a bit bookish and normally very happy. I however was a bit of a tomboy, I was mischievious, playful, fun loving and into rock music. I was in my room listening to music as usuall when I heard crying from Lily's room and the door slam to Patunia's, I sighed.

Up until the end of last summer, Me,Lily and Patunia dispite our differnces, we got along so well that people used to say we should've been triplets but that all changed when Lily started showing special abilities, Things like moving the petals of flowers without touching them. Me and Patunia were fasinated by it, although Patunia became enviousslightly but nothing really changed between us.

Then Lily made friends with a boy from our village. His name was Severus Snape, He like Lily had special abilities. Severus and Patunia didn't get along at all.
One day Lily got a letter for Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. Patunia wanted desperatly to go aswell and wrote to the head master who was polite but said she couldn't as she was a muggle. Thats when it started to go wrong.

As me, Patunia and our parents were on Platform nine and three quarters at Kings cross station about to see Lily off for school, she turned to Patunia, who was still upset Lily could go and she couldn't.
"I'm sorry, Tuney, I'm sorry! Listen, Maybe once I'm there, no, listen, Tuney! Maybe once I'm there, I'll be able to go to Professor Dumbledore and persuade him to change his mind" Lily said upset for our eldest sister.
"I don't want to go! You think I want to go to some stupid castle and learn to be a...." Patunia started then paused looking for the word she wanted, then her expression changed from sadness and hurt, to anger and disgust "you think I want to be a - a freak?"
"I'm not a freak. That's a horrible thing to say" Lily muttered taken back, Patunia had never been cruel to either of us, It hurt Lily, I winced watching the conversation, wanting them to be ok, to sort things out but in my heart I knew it wouldn't happen.
"That's where you're going. A special school for freaks. You and that Snape boy, weirdos, that's what you two are. It's good you're being separated from normal people. It's for our safety." Patunia snarled. Tears were now rolling down Lilys face. Severus came over.
"Come on Lily or we'll be late for the train" He smiled, then he saw the tears and looked at her worried "Lily what's wrong?"
"It's nothing Sev lets go, Bye mum, bye dad, Bye Vi" Lilys said then went to walk away but looked back and added quitely "Goodbye Tuney"
Patunia just turned away from Lily who got onto the train with Severus.
Me, Mum, Dad and Patunia went home.

I would never forget that day, that was the day the bond between us three sister was severed, Lily wanted to sort things but gave up because Patunia wasn't interested and I struggled to keep my bond with the two of them without upseting either of them.

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