Music Question

Music Question

Chapter 1

This comical music from Naruto Shippuden

Does anyone know the name of this music from certain funny scenes in Naruto Shippuden? The music I'm talking about appeared in the following scenes:

Episode 115 (Zabuza's Sword) - A scene were Sasuke takes Suigetsu out for yogurt while some girls admire Sasuke.

This scene where Tobi and Deidara stop at a snack shop for a break. There, Tobi makes fun of Deidara's art, calling it a "rip-off" (I think). Deidara, pissed, threatens to kill Tobi, who runs away as fast as he can. Tobi get's blown into the water.

An omake, where Karin tries to seduce Sasuke by going into the male section of the hot spring. However, she leaves when Suigetsu sees her. Karin then takes a toothbrush she assumes to be Sasuke's (when it's really Suigetsu's toothbrush).

Please, if you know the name of this music, let me know right away so I can find and download it!


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