Red-X Rising

My story off of, A Teen Titans, Danny Phantom Crossover
Danny's parents finally accepted him, but it couldn't last. Danny's given up on heroics, but what will happen when he receives a letter to a mysterious school? This isn't the classic 'owls green ink, parchment, castles, and magic' this is something new

Chapter 1


by: Zgogery
Disclaimer - I don't own Danny Phantom or The Teen Titans
Well, I know I have alot of stories going, but I can't help but write new fics. I have a total of 12 stories on my PC and only 5 on my account, so, yah

Danny sighed as he looked at the piles of homework on his desk. Jazz had been ranting to him about grades again, and had been annoying him like that for a month. He had just actually DOING Mr.Lancer's homework when his ghost sense went off. He groaned, expecting the box ghost, but was suddenly hit by a blast of fire. There was a ghost sheathed in flames, throwing fireballs at him. He went ghost, missing his mother at the door, who saw him. Danny threw a punch charged with ecto energy at the ghost, knocking them outside. He flew out, throwing an ice beam at them. He encased them in ice, and went for the thermos. He turned around, and was hit by a fist. He was knocked into an alley, before having to dodge a fireball. He ran out of the alley, chasing the ghost, as he took flight. He went invisible, surprising the ghost, before slamming them into the ground.
He grabbed the thermos, and went to suck them up, but they dissapated like smoke. "Grrr, a clone." He grumbled. A fist collided with his midsection as he doubled over, as he was slammed into the ground and knocked out. He woke up a few minutes later, in a ghost proof shield. He looked around, and noticed he was in his parents lab. He looked around, and saw the flaming ghost in a similiar cage. He smirked, before realizing something. He was in human form, so his parents must . . .
"Half-Ghost, huh?" His mom said, surprising him. She walked over, inspecting him, before hitting the release button. He went to explain, but she stopped him. She began to speak. "Danny, your father and I were talking, about all of this. We agreed we don't care if your half ghost, as long as you stay you." Danny could be told the ghost king had escaped, teamed up with Dan, and both were about to attack, and he wouldn't feel any less happy. He was elated that his parents accepted him. Before he could say anything, the ghost spoke. "Sickening, just, sickening. You pathetic humans and your emotions. Humans may have contained me, but fire often spreads." They said ominously. The room began to heat up, papers beginning to catch fire, as the ghost burned brighter. Before Danny of Maddie could do anything, fires began to pop up all over the room. Danny grabbed his mom, and flew them up to the kitchen.
They were about to warn Jack and Jazz, when the building exploded. Danny went intangible out of instinct, as the building collapsed in on itself. He screamed as he saw his mother crumple like paper when a beam fell, and there was a familiar head band among the rubble. He caught sight of an orange suit where the living room was, and broke down crying. he flew off, tears streaming down his face. He screamed, his ghostly wail echoing for miles. He flew and flew, until he came to New York. He rented a motel room after becoming human in an alley, and used his last bit of cash he had on him to order cheap room service to organize a breakfast for tomorrow.
Danny smirked as he observed his target. He was looking at the national bank of Jump City. He had been robbing banks for a few months now, taking just what he needed to survive. He went invisible, strolling into the bank, making his way to the vault. He grabbed a few thousand dollars for apartment rooms, food, clean water, changes of clothes, survival gear, and a duffel to put it all in. He walked back out, making his way to an alley, before transforming. He flew back to his motel room, seeing a letter taped to the door.
There was a fancy 'H' in golden ink on the front, and a bee on the back. He opened it, beginning to read.
Dear Mr.Fenton,
Don't ask how we know your real name, you won't find out. We at the HIVE institute would like to invite you to join our school. You won't regret going to this school, as it is the best in it's field. Your work has been noted, ad will be taken into consideration. Consider our offer, and contact this number for more information :
843- 385- 4678
Please consider it,
Brother Blood
The Headmaster
'Hmm, sounds like fun. Well, I've got nothing better to do. Okay then, HIVE it is' Danny thought. He sent a reply saying he accepted, when, to his surprise, there was a knock on his door. He opened the door, to see a man wearing a robe with the word HIVE on it. "Hello, I am Brother Blood, I am told you are my potential new student. It is quite an honor to be accpeted into the HIVE. I do hope you accept." Danny smiled, this dude seemed nice enough, on the outside. "Actually, I was about to mail my response accepting the invitation. When can I leave?" Danny asked. "Soon enough, soon enough." Brother Blood replied. He smiled at Danny, before leaving. The smile twisted into a cruel smirk as he thought on his newest student's potential as a villain. He called ahead to the intstitute, letting them know to get a room ready. He would test the new student in a week against his top students.
Danny looked around at his room. There was a desk, a small lab, a weight training area, and a few bookshelves. He went to the bed in the corner, and decided to unpack tomorrow. That night, he dreamt of 4 red eyes, as he felt himself kneel, muttering words he could not understand to the being, before going off and killing people. He woke up with a gasp as he realized he had been sweating. He changed into dry clothes, looking at the clock. It was 5:45, so he may as well stay awake. He found a map of the building on his desk, and made his way to the gym. He went towards an area full of weight lifting gear, and saw a massive man benchpressing . . . 1200 pounds!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What kind of school is this?
He approached, about to ask, when he was knocked over by a small boy flying around with a jetpack. He saw a girl with gray skin and bubblegum pink hair walk towards them, as they laughed at him. He growled, making the massive boy smirk. He was about to retort, when Brother Blood walked in. "Jinx, Mammoth, Gizmo, go down to the training area. You are going to evaluate a new student of mine." The three nodded, walking off, as Brother Blood approached Danny. "Well, Mr.Fenton, your classmates await you." he said. "Exactly what kind of training will I be doing?" Danny asked, suspiciously. "why, with your powers of course. This is a school for metahumans." Brother Blood said, surprising Danny. Danny sighed, getting out his map and making his way to the training area. When he got there, he saw the three he now knew as Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth waiting for him. "Hey, it's the runt from the gym. Is THIS the student Brother Blood wanted us to evaluate?" The girl said.
Danny smirked, as Brother Blood appeared on ascreen and warned them all to not cause fatal injuries, and gave them the ok to start. He saw the three turn, and begin to run at him. He smiled, confusing them, before disappearing. "Hey, where'd he go?" Mammoth said. Gizmo was about to get out a thermal scanner whe Mammothe sank through the floor, until just his head was above ground. He struggled, as the ground began to crack. He looked strained, but could not get out. Gizmo went to fly away, grabbing Jinx, but Jinx's eyes went green as she laughed in a strange voice. "You really thought you could take me on?" he said, firing a pink bolt of bad luck causing energy at him. His technology shorted out, knocking him out of the sky. He saw the boy step out of Jinx, but he looked weird. he was in ablack and white jumpsuit, had white hair, and had the gren eyes Jinx just did.
He shot a blue beam at Gizmo, freezing him, before flying at Jinx, grabbing her, and dropping her to the ground as she was knocked unconsious. Mammoth burst up, out of the ground, and broke the ice around Gizmo. They saw Jinx unconscious, and charged at him. The boy threw a green beam of light at Mammoth, hitting Gizmo as the behemoth dodged. The boy split into 8 copies of himself, all flying up as Mammoth began to worry. All 8 of them flew at Mammoth, shooting ice at him, he dodged, letting the ice hit Gizmo again. Mammoth threw a chunk of the floor left from where he broke free, destroying two of the clones. They all flew at Mammoth, going inside him. Mammoth shook, grabbing rock, and beginning to pound it on his head. He eventually knocked himself out, as Danny stepped out of him.
He looked up at Brother Blood, who smiled. "I will make sure these three are treated to, you may return to your quarters, and someone will deliver your updated schedule, seeing as how you beat the three best students in the whole institute single handedly." Brother Blood said. Danny groaned, as he realized his mistake. Now he would get attention, of which he HATED! He sighed, seing no way to prevent it, and returned to his room. Later, there was a knock on his door, and, making his way to it, he opened the door.
At the door was the girl, Jinx, from earlier. She looked a bit uncomfortable, as Danny sighed. "Look, I'm sorry I took you and your friend's spot as the best fighter. What do you say, truce? I don't think either of us wants any enemies." He said, with a whispered 'more' under his breath after any. She seemd to think, before smiling and agreeing. She handed him his schedule, before introducing herself as Jinx. "So, who are you?" She said. He sighed, 'here comes the attention' he thought. "My name is Danny, Danny Phantom." He said. This confused Jinx. everything she had every heard was that Danny Phantom was a hero, so why was he here? She wondered if he had been convinced to go dark, or had something happen that changed him. He had just ceased to be a few months ago, like he never was there. he had vanished, not just from the city he was defending like if he was moving to a new city, but just disappeared. She was determined to figure out why a ex-hero was here.
She said goodbye, before walking away. She realized something as she was returning to her room. 'His eyes were beautiful, like the sea. I wonder if he's dating. Whoa, where did that thought come from she thought, freezing in mid step. She sighed, 'seems I have some thinking to do' she thought. Jnx made it to her room, and dreamed of a white haired prince. She was walking into a restaurant, and saw him at a table. She had walked up, confused as he got up, and greeted her. She went into shock as she leaned in and began to make out with him for a second. She sat down, him sitting across from her, as they ordered. She didn't hear what they ordered, as she still freaked over the kiss. 'WHAT THE HELL!' was all that was running through her mind. The dream seemed to speed up, them arriving back at the HIVE institute. She led him to her room, as they collapsed onto the bed kissing. They began to shed their clothes as he began to kiss her neck, moving down a bit further . . . She woke up gasping for air.
That had been the most intense dream she had ever had. She looked around, seeing her room, and quickly looked next to her. To her relief, he wasn't next to her, yet she felt almost, disappointed. She was so confused right now. She had just met the guy today, and he was a hero no less, and she was already dreaming about doing certain . . . things with him. The kiss had felt amazing, as he sensually had- 'STOP THINKING LIKE THAT' her rational mind screeched. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't possibly face him after tonight. She looked at the clock, seeing that it was 2:27 am. She sighed, knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep and made her way to her library. She had to take her mind off of him, or she may do something she will regret.


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