Reposts of things people send to me. I haven't got one on this account so I've made one.

Chapter 1


Chapter 1. Contents page: So you know what to expect on each page.
Chapter 2. My life is 54% happy
Chapter 3: How girly are you = boyish
Chapter 4: BleedingForMCRandFOB's Creation
Chapter 5: Favourite band repost
Chapter 6: Life Story
Chapter 7: A "hard" repost
Chapter 8: A different repost because BleedingForMCRandFOB is fab.
Chapter 9: 100 Simple/Random Things to Do
Chapter 10: Mainstream artists: I like 14 out of 50.
Chapter 11: A Musical Reflection On Life
Chapter 12: Harry Potter
Chapter 13: Stolen from Cocaine (iPod Shuffle Game) Volume 1
Chapter 14: Stolen from Cocaine (iPod Shuffle Game) Volume 2
Chapter 15: PizzaGrenade's Music Repost Version
Chapter 16: The Life Repost
Chapter 17: 100 Truths

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