Painting it Black... an Anthology of Poems

Painting it Black... an Anthology of Poems

This some of my poetry. I learned one thing in power of the pen. You have to move someone with your writing if it is to be sucessful. This means A. Making it deep, B. Making it humorous, C. Making it dark.
So my motto is Paint it Black.
It also just so happens to be a poem.
I wrote all of these myself and if you copy infringe me i wil be really mad at you.
I will add more recent poems in new chapters... so far i will do the classics!

Chapter 2

Darker Stuff (DONT JUDGE ME!!!)

Death has been called many things,
cruel, evil, and unjust are some,
no one knows truly what it brings...
With icy fingers it beckons to come,
whispering silently for all who will hear,
all life has an end,
what in that is there to fear?
When for me death comes i will call him a friend,
for he is taking me away from this place,
a place on which true evil has been known,
a world of bias to individuals and race.
When he comes out of this world you'll be shown,
wonders of black and shades of grey.
Like death people fear the night,
for that's when evil comes to play,
but night just steals day's light,
covering the harshness and cruelty of lies,
think of death as this world's night,
to end the unloving of this life,
some wish to be imortal: you might,
but embrace fear for it shows you you're alive.
Looking for the true wicked in disguise?
In suits and clothes they do hide,
and all they do is lie,
with downcast hatefilled eyes.
Death has been called many things,
cruel evil, and unjust are some.
And so to you good night i sing,
when i call will you come???

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