The Wake of the Dead

Chapter 1


by: cjcj
I used to be like a lot of you people. Watching zombie movies and shows, and thinking that it wasn't real. that if the "zombie Apocalypse ever really happened, that me and my friends would survive. that the population wouldn't become as little as it looks. But it didn't happen the way you think.

It was a late fall day in western Massachusetts. The sky was dark with clouds and the news was predicting snow. Snow in late Autumn in New England, isn't a weird thing. But the weird part was it was happening all over the world. Clouds covered the skies all across the globe.

I was just walking out of the school with a group of my friends talking about the weather. we were surrounded by screaming, laughing, and rushing teenagers. And that was when the first snow started to fall. The crowd grew silent. For the snow was a dark green color. Then, simultaneously, everyone but me started coughing. It wasn't long before everyone was on the ground coughing, puking, and retching. I ran to the nearby parking lot and found a car with the keys on the seat. I pulled it up to the front of the school and ran to my group of friends. By the time i got the three of them into the car, they were all breathing rapidly and not responding.

By the time i got to the hospital, and cheaked on them... none were breathing.

I sank to the ground, shocked. I couldn't see anyone in sight that was moving. I jumped up, startled, as a hand grabbed my shoulder. I turned to see my friends looking at me with vacant eyes and foaming mouths. I was confused, untill they tried to eat me.

By this time i was fully aware of what was happening. So i drove straight home. all around me were undead bodies. And when i got home, i was confronted by my undead parents.


Now fast forward a few months, and its early spring. i survived the winter boarded up in my house, but now i was on the road. Now, i don't claim to be a zombie slayer or anything, but i gotta admit, i was pretty supplied. I was in a brand new truck with a plow attached to the front. in the back i had a brand new motorcycle strapped in along with plenty of food and gear. I had the back seat filled with guns, ammo, and blades.

I wore an old worn out leather jacket, work boots, and an old cowboy hat on my red hair. Attached to my side i had a long thin sword and a small, double sided axe. i find its easier to use blades instead of guns. But just in case, i had two pistols attached to my chest.

In my passenger seat sat my Chocolate lab Shelby. She was trained to be a service dog, but her owner died so we adopted her. She was extremely protective and has killed her fair share of zombies. Dogs are immune to the virus, so they could eat the undead flesh. I am immune to the airborn virus, but i learned not to be bitten or scratched.

I have been in two groups of people. I had a young couple stay with me until we were run out of our house. And i had just lost a group of people weeks prior. I had decided to drive towards Boston to look for more survivors.

wish me luck

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