The Wake of the Dead

Chapter 22


I was still thinking about what Lori had said to me. About how I had done good. I don't know why but it brought some sort of a pride in me, that I had accomplished something. Something I hadn't felt in a long time. Ever since this whole thing had happened I really hadn't felt a ton of emotion. At least until I joined this group. Were we even a group? What were we? A group? Teens who just want to survive in this hell hole? Anything but friends.

We had been driving for hours and I was starting to get motion sickness but decided not to mention it since it was probably the least of our worries. The boy in the back had stirred a couple of times but still hadn't fully woken up. Now that he was up close I could tell that he was older than me, probably about Lori's age and had red hair. I looked over at Lori and saw that the lake had disappeared from view.

"Where exactly are we going?" I asked

"I don't know, somewhere far, far away from here." She replied. I decided to end it on that, and looked back at the boy again.

He started stirring again, this I didn't think much of especially since he had just been in two crashes. But then his eyes opened and he tried to sit up, winced, and lay down again. He looked at Ocin with untrusting eyes.

"Who are you?" He asked. Ocin looked like he was about to say something but then his eyes landed on me and Lori, "Oh it's you." I couldn't quite tell but he seemed almost sheepish, seeing the people he had just left to die. We sat in awkward silence for a moment, at that point I decided to speak up.

"What's your name anyway?" I asked

"Why should I tell you?" He snapped

"I don't know you don't have to jeez."

"Oh, sorry it's Noah-- " he didn't finish his sentence and sat straight up, "What'd you do with my dog?!"

His dog? Then I remembered, the one that had been barking madly when we were getting him in the truck. Everyone looked at one another, slightly embarrassed that they had left the poor thing there. But just then Rylin, the little 10-year old I had been sitting by but hadn't said a word to, spoke up.

"It's okay mister, I put him in the back because he seemed upset that you were being taken away by us." I looked out the back window and sure enough, there was the dog, sleeping peacefully. Was that even possible?

Right then, unexpectedly Lori slammed on the brakes. Taken by surprise and having no seat belt on I flew forward and slammed my head on the dashboard. Seeing stars I looked at Lori yelling "What was that for?" She just pointed toward the windshield. I looked over and felt my jaw drop.

There were hundreds of zombies, climbing up the hood of the car and banging on the windows.

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