The Wake of the Dead

Chapter 3


"Rest in peace, Catherine.", I whisper as i am burying my sister. All i was thinking about was the good times I had with her, before she got bitten and i had to kill her. It was hard burying all you had left and having the thought of her gone. I pick up my gun and my bag and head of into the city of Boston. Hoping something will get better.

As i am walking on the trashed roads of Massachusetts. I think "what happened? What started all this anyway?". I haven't got that thought out of my head for a while. And then i think "I mean...Really...who would would want to eat people? Its gross...". But i come across something that distracted my thinking, everything became so foggy and gray,my eye site became very weak,then i stumble on a car on fire. It looked recent, then there must be survivors! I jog on a trail of bloody footsteps. I see a man, with a huge gush on his neck, i think "is it the bite? or something else?" the man instantly says "Dont let me be like them! Please end it now!", i whisper "shh, close your eyes", i take a deep breath,put the gun to his head, I say "Goodbye", and pull the trigger. A tear runs down my eye, then walks more.

Everything was silent, a little to silent. I walk slowly into a little alley. I freeze in shock as i see millions of zombies start running in from both entry's of the alley. I think to myself "Looks like this it...", I put the gun in my mouth, so close to pulling the trigger. That was until a truck drives in killing the majority of the zombies. I slowly take the gun out of my mouth, thinking to myself "who is this?.."

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